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NOTE: Dates reflect any modification to item, not necessarily a change in law.

R.S. of 1846 ‑ Revised Statutes of 1846 (801.1 - 801.27)
     R‑S‑1846‑801‑1‑171 ‑ CHAPTER 171 Chapter 171. Of county jails and the regulation thereof. (801.1...801.27)
          Section 801.1 ‑ County jails; use as prisons.
          Section 801.2 ‑ Solitary imprisonment; execution of sentence.
          Section 801.3 ‑ Solitary imprisonment; intercourse with other persons.
          Section 801.4 ‑ Safekeeping and maintaining prisoners and persons charged with offense; charges and expenses; payment; medical care or treatment.
          Section 801.4a ‑ Safekeeping and maintaining persons charged with ordinance violation; charges and expenses; payment; medical care or treatment.
          Section 801.4b ‑ Payment of fee by inmate; collection; forwarding fees to local corrections officers training fund; disposition; failure to pay fee as civil infraction; civil fine; enforcement; refund.
          Section 801.5 ‑ Contracting for jail supplies; private donations of clothing; reimbursement for medical attendance supplies; reimbursement for care and support of prisoner.
          Section 801.5a ‑ Reimbursement for medical expenses; cooperation by prisoner required; wilful refusal to cooperate.
          Section 801.6 ‑ Prisoners; separation.
          Section 801.7 ‑ Prisoners; conversations.
          Section 801.8 ‑ Prisoners; food.
          Section 801.9 ‑ Repealed. 2015, Act 216, Eff. Mar. 14, 2016.
          Section 801.10 ‑ Prisoners; work on public highways, streets, alleys, roads, or railroad crossings; work in quarry, pit, or yard; performance of work for nonprofit charitable organizations or other labor; duty of sheriff; use of prisoner labor for private benefit or financial gain prohibited; violation of subsection (2) as civil infraction; penalty; sheriff deriving private benefit or financial gain from provision of food to prisoners as civil infraction; penalty.
          Section 801.11 ‑ Prisoners; working conditions, transportation, meals, lodging.
          Section 801.12 ‑ Prisoners; compensation; record, report.
          Section 801.13 ‑ Jail of contiguous county; designation for use; removal of prisoners.
          Section 801.14‑801.15 ‑ Repealed. 1974, Act 258, Eff. Aug. 6, 1975.
          Section 801.16‑801.21 ‑ Repealed. 1959, Act 7, Eff. Mar. 29, 1960.
          Section 801.22 ‑ Keeper's calendar of prisoners; contents, delivery to court.
          Section 801.23 ‑ Discharge of unindicted persons.
          Section 801.25 ‑ Refractory or disorderly conduct of prisoner; persons confined on criminal charge or conviction; punishment.
          Section 801.26 ‑ Repealed. 1991, Act 145, Imd. Eff. Nov. 25, 1991.
          Section 801.27 ‑ Refractory or disorderly conduct of prisoner; authority of jailer to preserve order.
Act 325 of 1982 ‑ COUNTY JAIL OVERCROWDING STATE OF EMERGENCY (801.51 - 801.64)
     Section 801.51 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 801.51a ‑ County jail population exceeding 95% of jail's rated design capacity; actions by county sheriff; maximum value of outstanding bonds; duration; applicability of subsections (1) to (3).
     Section 801.52 ‑ Certifying general prisoner population exceeds 100% of rated design capacity of county jail or percentage of rated design capacity set by court; duties of sheriff.
     Section 801.52a ‑ Reporting prisoner population counts.
     Section 801.53 ‑ Declaring county jail overcrowding state of emergency.
     Section 801.54 ‑ Notice of declaration of county jail overcrowding state of emergency.
     Section 801.55 ‑ Reduction of prisoner population by sheriff, notified persons, and other judges; means.
     Section 801.56 ‑ Requirement of further actions; failure of certain actions to reduce population to level prescribed in subsection (1); presenting prisoner information to chief circuit judge; applicability of subsection (2)(b) to certain prisoners; review; classification of prisoners; reduction of sentences; duration; report.
     Section 801.57 ‑ Failure of certain actions to reduce population to level prescribed in MCL 801.56(1); equal reduction of original sentences.
     Section 801.58 ‑ Failure of certain actions to reduce population to level prescribed in MCL 801.56(1); deferring acceptance for incarceration of certain persons.
     Section 801.59 ‑ Ending county jail overcrowding state of emergency; conditions; certification by sheriff.
     Section 801.59a ‑ Written county jail population management plan; adoption; implementation; approval; amendments; duration; delegation of judicial sentencing authority.
     Section 801.59b ‑ Suspension or reduction of jail sentence by sentencing judge; delegation of authority to chief judge; modification of bond.
     Section 801.60 ‑ Listing of crimes and offenses; development.
     Section 801.61 ‑ Loss of bed space due to natural disaster or deliberate destruction of property; applicability of act.
     Section 801.62 ‑ Prisoners sentenced to county jail as condition of probation; applicability of act.
     Section 801.63 ‑ Maximum sentence reductions where act invoked more than once; good time.
     Section 801.64 ‑ Effective date.
E.R.O. No. 1994‑6 ‑ EXECUTIVE REORGANIZATION ORDER (801.71 - 801.71)
     Section 801.71 ‑ Transfer of powers and duties of former office of criminal justice under the county jail overcrowding act from department of management and budget to office of attorney general by a type II transfer.
Act 118 of 1984 ‑ THE PRISONER REIMBURSEMENT TO THE COUNTY ACT (801.81 - 801.93)
     Section 801.81 ‑ Short title.
     Section 801.82 ‑ “County jail” defined.
     Section 801.83 ‑ Reimbursement for expenses; form.
     Section 801.84 ‑ List.
     Section 801.85 ‑ Cooperation of prisoner required; refusal to cooperate.
     Section 801.86 ‑ Investigation of reports.
     Section 801.87 ‑ Civil action for reimbursement; consideration by court; money judgment; order.
     Section 801.88 ‑ Civil action for reimbursement; circuit court; venue; ex parte restraining order; hearing on order to show cause; appointment of receiver.
     Section 801.89 ‑ Execution against homestead prohibited.
     Section 801.90 ‑ Civil action to recover and enforce money judgment; district court; venue.
     Section 801.91 ‑ Furnishing information and assistance to attorney.
     Section 801.92 ‑ Disposition and use of reimbursements; sworn statements as evidence of amount due.
     Section 801.93 ‑ Conditional effective date.
R.S. of 1846 ‑ Revised Statutes of 1846 (801.101 - 801.120)
     R‑S‑1846‑801‑101‑148 ‑ CHAPTER 148 Chapter 148. General provisions relating to jails, and the confinement of prisoners therein. (801.101...801.120)
          Section 801.101 ‑ United States prisoners; duty of sheriff to take and keep; compensation.
          Section 801.102 ‑ United States prisoners; liability of sheriff for safe keeping.
          Section 801.103 ‑ Separation of prisoners; prisoners arrested on civil process and criminal process.
          Section 801.104 ‑ Separation of prisoners; male and female.
          Section 801.105 ‑ Violation of MCL 801.103 and MCL 801.104 as misdemeanor; liability for damages.
          Section 801.106 ‑ Continuation of jails in use.
          Section 801.107 ‑ Designation of jail of other county; officer to act.
          Section 801.108 ‑ Designation of jail of other county; copy of designation, service on sheriff.
          Section 801.109 ‑ Designation of jail of other county; responsibility of sheriff for safe keeping of prisoners.
          Section 801.110 ‑ Designation of jail of other county; effect on prisoner admitted to jail liberties.
          Section 801.111 ‑ Designation of jail of other county; effect on subsequent prisoner entitled to jail liberties.
          Section 801.112 ‑ Designation of jail of other county; right of prisoner entitled to jail liberties.
          Section 801.113 ‑ Designation of jail of other county; revocation of order.
          Section 801.114 ‑ Designation of jail of other county; proceedings on revocation.
          Section 801.115 ‑ Fire; removal of prisoners; prisoner not deemed escaped.
          Section 801.116, 801.117 ‑ Repealed. 1981, Act 7, Eff. June 1, 1981.
          Section 801.119 ‑ Conveyance of prisoners through other counties; right of officers.
          Section 801.120 ‑ Conveyance of prisoners through other counties; prisoner not deemed escaped; civil arrest.
Act 78 of 1917 ‑ WORK FARMS, FACTORIES, AND SHOPS (801.201 - 801.217)
     Section 801.201 ‑ County workhouse; authorization of county to acquire and own.
     Section 801.202 ‑ Non-partisan commission for management; election, membership, number, term, vacancies, eligibility, oath.
     Section 801.203 ‑ Non-partisan commission for management; superintendent; appointment, powers, oath, duties, bond; employees; appropriations.
     Section 801.204 ‑ Board of commissioners; expenses; meetings; visit to work farm, factory, or shop; examination of management; hearing and determining complaints or questions; making and recording rules or orders; conflict of interest; conducting business at public meeting; notice of meeting; availability of certain writings to public.
     Section 801.205 ‑ Books of account; contents; quarterly statement.
     Section 801.206 ‑ Reports to supervisors; removal of officials or employees.
     Section 801.207 ‑ Superintendent; duties.
     Section 801.208 ‑ Counties without workhouse; contract with commission; publication.
     Section 801.209 ‑ Sentencing person to work farm, factory, or shop.
     Section 801.210 ‑ Counties without workhouse; transfer of convicted persons to workhouse; employment; fees.
     Section 801.211 ‑ Maintenance expense; tax levy.
     Section 801.212 ‑ Commitment of person to work farm, factory, or shop.
     Section 801.214 ‑ Record of infractions; effect of good behavior.
     Section 801.215 ‑ Realty; powers of commission.
     Section 801.217 ‑ Declaration of necessity.
Act 60 of 1962 ‑ DAY PAROLE OF PRISONERS (801.251 - 801.258)
     Section 801.251 ‑ Privilege of leaving jail during necessary and reasonable hours; purposes; limitations; “jail” defined.
     Section 801.251a ‑ Verification of employment or school enrollment; definitions.
     Section 801.252 ‑ Employed prisoner; collection of wages; garnishment.
     Section 801.253 ‑ Prisoner liability for board; prisoner transportation.
     Section 801.254 ‑ Employed prisoner; disbursement of wages; priority.
     Section 801.255 ‑ County department of social welfare; clerk of court; duties.
     Section 801.256 ‑ County department of social welfare; report on prisoner's dependents.
     Section 801.257 ‑ Reduction of term.
     Section 801.258 ‑ Violation of conditions; confinement, forfeiture of earned reduction.
     Section 801.261 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 801.262 ‑ Prohibited acts; weapons.
     Section 801.262a ‑ Cell phone or wireless device; selling, giving, or furnishing to prisoner prohibited; possession by prisoner prohibited; confiscation.
     Section 801.263 ‑ Prohibited acts; alcoholic liquor or controlled substance.
     Section 801.264 ‑ Alcoholic liquor or controlled substance necessary for health of prisoner or jail employee; certificate of licensed physician; contents and specifications; wine used for communion and clergy purposes.
     Section 801.265 ‑ Violation as felony; penalty; exception.
     Section 801.266 ‑ Repeal of MCL 801.116 and 801.117.
     Section 801.267 ‑ Effective date.
     Section 801.301 ‑ Reimbursement for medical expenses incurred by city for prisoner; cooperation by prisoner required; violation; penalty.
Act 88 of 2006 ‑ INMATE REIMBURSEMENT TO MUNICIPALITIES ACT (801.311 - 801.321)
     Section 801.311 ‑ Short title.
     Section 801.312 ‑ Definitions; inmate housing expense.
     Section 801.313 ‑ Reimbursement.
     Section 801.314 ‑ List of inmates.
     Section 801.315 ‑ Cooperation of inmate.
     Section 801.316 ‑ Reports; investigation to secure reimbursement.
     Section 801.317 ‑ Civil action; filing; considerations.
     Section 801.318 ‑ Civil action; jurisdiction; disposal of property; restraining order; appointment of receiver.
     Section 801.319 ‑ Enforcement; execution against homestead; prohibition.
     Section 801.320 ‑ Furnishing information and assistance to municipality.
     Section 801.321 ‑ Disposition of reimbursements; determination by municipal treasurer.

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