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NOTE: Dates reflect any modification to item, not necessarily a change in law.

Chapter 551 - MARRIAGE
R.S. of 1846 ‑ Revised Statutes of 1846 (551.1 - 551.18)
     R‑S‑1846‑551‑1‑83 ‑ CHAPTER 83 Chapter 83. Of marriage and the solemnization thereof. (551.1...551.18)
          Section 551.1 ‑ Marriage between individuals of same sex as invalid contract.
          Section 551.2 ‑ Marriage as civil contract; consent; license; solemnization.
          Section 551.3 ‑ Incapacity; persons man prohibited from marrying.
          Section 551.4 ‑ Incapacity; persons woman prohibited from marrying.
          Section 551.5 ‑ Bigamy prohibited.
          Section 551.6 ‑ Repealed. 2001, Act 9, Imd. Eff. May 29, 2001.
          Section 551.7 ‑ Persons authorized to solemnize marriage; records; return of licenses and certificates; disposition of fees charged by mayor or county clerk.
          Section 551.8 ‑ Repealed. 1983, Act 64, Imd. Eff. May 26, 1983.
          Section 551.9 ‑ Solemnization of marriage; form; declaration by parties; witnesses.
          Section 551.14 ‑ Unlawful marriage by person authorized to solemnize marriage; penalty.
          Section 551.15 ‑ Ceremony performance with knowledge of lack of authority or legal impediment; penalty.
          Section 551.16 ‑ Want of jurisdiction or authority to solemnize marriage; affect on marriage.
          Section 551.17 ‑ Denominational modes of solemnization; effect of chapter.
          Section 551.18 ‑ Certificates and records of marriage as evidence.
Act 352 of 1921 ‑ MARRIAGE OF PERSON UNDER SIXTEEN (551.51 - 551.51)
     Section 551.51 ‑ Age of consent; effect of act on powers of probate judge.
Act 128 of 1887 ‑ MARRIAGE LICENSE (551.101 - 551.111)
     Section 551.101 ‑ Marriage license; requirements; place to obtain, delivery to person officiating.
     Section 551.102 ‑ Blank form for marriage license and certificate; preparation, contents, and distribution; furnishing blank forms of affidavit of competency; filing affidavit; electronic filing; license as matter of record; transmission to department of community health; social security number; application exempt from disclosure.
     Section 551.103 ‑ Persons capable of contracting marriage; age requirement; proof of age; filling out license; written consent; compliance; filing consent; signing, certification, and copy of license; fee; allocation for family counseling services; return and disposition of unexpended funds; waiver of fee; additional fee for nonresidents; delivery of license and certificate to officiating individual; recording information; forwarding licenses and certificates to state registrar; imposition of fee by certain charter counties.
     Section 551.103a ‑ Marriage license; time of delivery; solemnization of marriage required.
     Section 551.104 ‑ Certificate completion; officiating person duty; original license return; record.
     Section 551.105 ‑ County clerk; violation of act, misdemeanor, penalty.
     Section 551.106 ‑ Person officiating at marriage; violation of act, misdemeanor, penalty.
     Section 551.107 ‑ Failure to return certificate; misdemeanor, penalty.
     Section 551.108 ‑ Marriage license; false statement in application, perjury.
     Section 551.109 ‑ Filing reports of marriage; record.
     Section 551.110 ‑ License, certificate or certified copy record as evidence.
     Section 551.111 ‑ License or certificate errors; evidence, correction.
Act 207 of 1937 ‑ Repealed-ANTENUPTIAL PHYSICAL EXAMINATION (551.151 - 551.154)
Act 180 of 1897 ‑ ISSUANCE OF MARRIAGE LICENSE WITHOUT PUBLICITY (551.201 - 551.204)
     Section 551.201 ‑ Issuance of marriage license without publicity; conditions; application; notice; consent; exceptions; order.
     Section 551.202 ‑ Application for marriage license; form; fee; performing marriage ceremony; permit; record; marriage certificate; execution of papers in duplicate; delivery of marriage certificate to parties.
     Section 551.203 ‑ Private file of papers; forwarding duplicate to state registrar; recordation of filing in private register; inspection of files and records; request and identification; court order; petition to unseal marriage record; court order; findings; petition by surviving party; forwarding copy of license and marriage certificate to county clerk; access.
     Section 551.204 ‑ Privileged communications; violation of confidence as misdemeanor; publicity as misdemeanor; penalties; libel action; neglecting to make proper return; section inapplicable to license unsealed under section 3(2) or (3).
Act 160 of 1919 ‑ LEGAL STATUS OF MARRIED MINORS (551.251 - 551.251)
     Section 551.251 ‑ Legal marriage of minor; parental and marital rights and duties; guardian ad litem.
Act 168 of 1939 ‑ FOREIGN MARRIAGES (551.271 - 551.272)
     Section 551.271 ‑ Marriages solemnized in another state validated.
     Section 551.272 ‑ Marriage not between man and woman invalidated.
Act 127 of 1935 ‑ Repealed-ALIENATION OF AFFECTIONS (551.301 - 551.311)
Act 155 of 1964 ‑ CIRCUIT COURT FAMILY COUNSELING SERVICES ACT (551.331 - 551.344)
     Section 551.331 ‑ Short title.
     Section 551.332 ‑ Family counseling services; creation; purpose; establishment in judicial circuits; appropriations; participation in funding; agreement; limitation.
     Section 551.333 ‑ Family counseling service as arm of circuit court; merger with other court services; contracts; purchase of services; direct service delivery.
     Section 551.334 ‑ Director; qualifications; employment, term, and compensation; compensation of staff.
     Section 551.335 ‑ Hiring of professional and clerical staff.
     Section 551.336 ‑ Rules and standards of eligibility for counseling; priority; residential requirements.
     Section 551.337 ‑ Referrals to agencies outside court; conferences.
     Section 551.338 ‑ Family counseling service as impartial, unbiased resource in evaluating problems.
     Section 551.339 ‑ Confidentiality; privileged communications; exemption.
     Section 551.340 ‑ Fee schedule; disposition of revenues.
     Section 551.341 ‑ Powers of family counseling service.
     Section 551.342 ‑ Statutory provisions not changed or affected; conferences or interviews not considered as condonation.
     Section 551.343 ‑ Multiple-judge circuit; majority of judges.
     Section 551.344 ‑ Submission to family counseling not required.

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