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Committee Home Page: Families, Seniors and Veterans
Chair: John Bizon
Clerk Phone: Andrew Haring, (517) 373-1721
Referred Date
SB 0089 of 2019
Referred 2/6/2019
Families, Seniors and Veterans
Santana, SylviaVehicles; equipment; child restraint safety seats; require positioning of car seats to depend on weight of child and make other revisions. Amends secs. 710d, 710e & 907 of 1949 PA 300 (MCL 257.710d et seq.).
SB 0118 of 2019
Referred 2/21/2019
Families, Seniors and Veterans
Daley, KevinVehicles; registration plates; blue star family registration plates; create. Amends sec. 803e of 1949 PA 300 (MCL 257.803e).
SB 0119 of 2019
Referred 2/21/2019
Families, Seniors and Veterans
Outman, RickHolidays; other; "Blue Star Mothers Day"; designate as February 1. Creates new act.
SB 0125 of 2019
Referred 2/26/2019
Families, Seniors and Veterans
Barrett, Tom Property; abandoned; unclaimed property of active duty military; modify requirements for extended dormancy periods. Amends sec. 18 of 1995 PA 29 (MCL 567.238).

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