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Act 523 of 1980
Article 7

Section 32.1036SectionProcedure to conform with code, rules, and manual for courts-martial United States, 1969; rules of evidence.
Section 32.1037SectionConvening authority or commanding officer; censuring, reprimanding, or admonishing court; coercing or influencing by unauthorized means; action of court-martial or member of court-martial; applicability; preparing report or making determination concerning advancement, assignment, transfer, or retention of member of state military forces.
Section 32.1038SectionDuties of trial counsel; right of accused to representation by civilian counsel, military counsel, or defense counsel; associate counsel; conviction; brief; assistant trial counsel and assistant defense counsel; performance of duties.
Section 32.1039SectionMilitary judge; calling court into session without presence of members; purposes; proceedings to be made part of record and conducted in presence of certain persons.
Section 32.1040SectionContinuances.
Section 32.1041SectionChallenges for cause and peremptory challenges.
Section 32.1042SectionPersons required to take oath or affirmation in presence of accused; examination of witnesses on oath or affirmation.
Section 32.1043SectionTrial and punishment; limitations; computation of time period.
Section 32.1044SectionTrial of accused twice for same offense prohibited.
Section 32.1045SectionEntering plea of not guilty in record; entering finding of guilty where plea of guilty made and accepted; withdrawal of guilty plea.
Section 32.1046SectionObtaining witnesses and other evidence; equal opportunity; powers of military judge or summary court officer; process issued in court-martial to run to any part of state.
Section 32.1047SectionOffenses against state; compliance with subpoena; attendance, qualification, and testifying as witness; production of evidence; trial; jurisdiction; punishment.
Section 32.1048SectionMilitary court; contempt power; punishment.
Section 32.1049SectionDepositions.
Section 32.1050SectionReading in evidence sworn testimony of person whose oral testimony not obtainable; conditions.
Section 32.1050aSectionLack of mental responsibility as affirmative defense.
Section 32.1051SectionVoting by members of court-martial on findings and on sentence; rulings by military judge upon questions of law or interlocutory questions; finality; instructing court as to elements of offense and charge; court-martial composed of military judge only; procedure.
Section 32.1052SectionConviction and sentence; concurrence of 2/3 of members present required; determination of questions by majority vote or lesser vote; tie vote.
Section 32.1053SectionAnnouncement by court-martial of findings and sentence.
Section 32.1054SectionRecord of proceedings; authentication; contents; filing original and copies of trial record.
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