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Act 218 of 1956
Chapter 11A

Section 500.1151SectionDefinitions.
Section 500.1153SectionPerson acting as reinsurance intermediary-broker; bond; license; nonresident; service of process; refusal to issue license.
Section 500.1155SectionTransactions between reinsurance intermediary-broker and insurer; authorization.
Section 500.1157SectionRecord of transaction.
Section 500.1159SectionPerson acting as reinsurance-broker; license required; employment of individual employed by reinsurance intermediary-broker; annual copy of statements of financial condition.
Section 500.1161SectionTransactions between reinsurance intermediary-manager and reinsurer; contract.
Section 500.1163SectionReinsurance intermediary-manager; prohibited conduct.
Section 500.1165SectionReinsurance intermediary-manager; license required; obtaining annual copy of statement of financial condition and opinion of actuary; authority for retrocessional contracts or participation in reinsurance syndicates; termination of contract; appointment to board of directors.
Section 500.1167SectionReinsurance intermediary and reinsurance intermediary-manager; examination of books, bank accounts, and records.
Section 500.1169SectionViolation; penalties.
Section 500.1171SectionReinsurance intermediary; use of services.
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