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Act 44 of 1911
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Act 44 of 1911

AN ACT to create a state board of equalization; to prescribe its powers and duties; to provide that said board shall be furnished with certain information by the several boards of supervisors and by the state tax commission; to provide for meeting the expense authorized by this act, and to repeal all acts or parts of acts contravening the provisions of this act.

History: 1911, Act 44, Imd. Eff. Apr. 5, 1911 ;-- Am. 1957, Act 30, Imd. Eff. Apr. 26, 1957
Popular Name: State Board of Equalization Act

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The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 209.1SectionState board of equalization; creation; qualifications of appointees, term, vacancies.
Section 209.2SectionState board of equalization; annual meeting; purpose; conducting business at public meeting; notice of meeting.
Section 209.3SectionState board of equalization; organization; chairperson; secretary; keeping and filing record of proceedings; oath; quorum; availability of certain writings to public.
Section 209.4SectionTabular statement showing assessed and equalized valuations; preparation; copies; session; meeting of board; determination whether relative valuation between several counties equal and uniform; equalization; certification of equalized valuation; basis for apportionment; certified transcript of determination; determining level of state equalized valuation of class of property; order.
Section 209.4aSectionEqualized valuation for 1992 to equal 1991 equalized valuation; adjustment.
Section 209.5SectionCounty boards of commissioners; equalization of assessment rolls; duties of assessing officers and clerks of county boards of commissioners; transmitting tabular statement to state tax commission and state board of equalization; property to be excluded from statement.
Section 209.6SectionState tax commission; statement to state board of equalization.
Section 209.7SectionState board of equalization; county representation.
Section 209.8SectionState board of equalization; compensation and expenses of appointed members and assistants; copies of proceedings.
Section 209.9SectionRepealed. 1957, Act 30, Imd. Eff. Apr. 26, 1957.
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