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HR 0046 of 2019House ResolutionA resolution to declare March 19, 2019, as Law Enforcement Mental Health Awareness Day in the state of Michigan.
Last Action: 03/19/2019 - adopted
HB 4315 of 2019House BillCrimes; public office and officers; penalties for disarming a law enforcement officer of a firearm if accomplished by force or if law enforcement officer is injured; increase. Amends sec. 479b of 1931 PA 328 (MCL 750.479b).
HB 4693 of 2019House BillLaw enforcement; peace officers; authority for park and recreation officers to enforce certain marihuana-related offenses; provide for. Amends sec. 1606 of 1994 PA 451 (MCL 324.1606).
Last Action: 06/04/2019 - bill electronically reproduced 06/06/2019
HB 4967 of 2019House BillState financing and management; purchasing; state contracts; exclude prequalification for seeding, sodding, landscaping, and signage. Amends secs. 1 & 3 of 1933 PA 170 (MCL 123.501 & 123.503).
Last Action: 09/17/2019 - bill electronically reproduced 09/17/2019
HB 5074 of 2019House BillAppropriations; supplemental; secondary road patrol; provide for. Creates appropriation act.
Last Action: 10/10/2019 - bill electronically reproduced 10/10/2019
HB 5403 of 2020House BillCrimes; prostitution; penalties for accosting, inviting, or soliciting prostitution; modify in the Michigan penal code. Amends sec. 451 of 1931 PA 328 (MCL 750.451).
Last Action: 01/28/2020 - bill electronically reproduced 01/28/2020
HB 5407 of 2020House BillFire; other; power source for certain smoke alarm devices; enact requirements. Creates new act.
Last Action: 01/28/2020 - bill electronically reproduced 01/28/2020
HB 5489 of 2020House BillTransportation; funds; formula used for disbursements of transportation funds; modify. Amends sec. 10 of 1951 PA 51 (MCL 247.660).
Last Action: 02/18/2020 - bill electronically reproduced 02/18/2020
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