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Act 232 of 1863
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Act 232 of 1863

AN ACT to provide for the incorporation of water power companies.

History: 1863, Act 232, Eff. June 22, 1863

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The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 486.1SectionWater power companies; incorporators; notice of formation; articles of association, contents.
Section 486.2SectionArticles of association; signing, filing, evidence; body corporate, powers.
Section 486.3SectionBoard of directors; annual election, notice; officers, treasurer's bond; vacancy.
Section 486.4SectionMembership in association; procedure, rights.
Section 486.5SectionRepairs; permanent improvements, approval of members; expense.
Section 486.6SectionRepairs; statement, filing, contents.
Section 486.7SectionAssessment for repairs or improvements.
Section 486.8SectionAssessment; collection; non-payment, use of water prohibited.
Section 486.9SectionAssessment; notice to non-resident.
Section 486.10SectionAssessment; mortgage lien; preference.
Section 486.11SectionMortgage lien; certificate, contents, recording.
Section 486.12SectionMortgage lien; foreclosure.
Section 486.13SectionMortgage lien; commencement of suit after 60 days.
Section 486.14SectionMeetings of members of associations; notice, proof of service, filing.
Section 486.15SectionWatchman; appointment, duties, compensation.
Section 486.16SectionContracts made by board of directors.
Section 486.17SectionTreasurer; duties.
Section 486.18SectionAssessment; recovery, interest.
Section 486.19SectionDisposition of funds at annual meeting.
Section 486.20SectionBy-laws of association; regulations, promulgation, publishing, enforcement; meetings.
Section 486.21SectionStockholder's liability.
Section 486.22SectionTenants in common; consent for improvements and repairs, liability.
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