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Act 222 of 1972 - STATE PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION CARD (28.291 - 28.300)
Section 28.291 ‑ Official state personal identification card; application; requirements; automatic voter registration opt-out; identification card issued by department of corrections as documentation; electronic access to prisoner information; person holding operator's or chauffeur's license; applicant not citizen of United States; disclosure or display of social security number; exception; agreements with federal government; termination of official state personal identification card issued by another state; duties of secretary of state.
Section 28.291a ‑ Definitions.
Section 28.292 ‑ Official state personal identification card; contents; duties of secretary of state; methods; form; emergency medical information card; fingerprint or finger image; retention and use of individual's digital photographic image; limitation; evidence of blindness; placement on donor registry; identifier for voter registration purposes; information; issuance; fees; expiration; renewal; waiver of fee; correction for change of name or address; application for renewal; other information; access to emergency information by law enforcement agencies; emancipated minor; participation in anatomical gift donor registry; validity.
Section 28.293 ‑ False representation of information; violation as felony; additional violations; penalty; cancellation or return.
Section 28.294 ‑ Forfeiture of card used or displayed during commission of crime.
Section 28.295 ‑ Conduct constituting felony or misdemeanor; penalties; exceptions; cancellation or return.
Section 28.295a ‑ Prohibited conduct; violation as felony; penalties.
Section 28.296 ‑ Availability of records to public.
Section 28.297 ‑ Commercial look-up service; disposition of fees; computerized central file; providing file to nongovernmental person or entity.
Section 28.298 ‑ Disclosure of personal information; uses.
Section 28.299 ‑ Resale or redisclosure of information; duties of recipient.
Section 28.299a ‑ Application for official state identification card; examination and determination.
Section 28.300 ‑ Furnishing list of information to federal, state, or local governmental agency; contract for sale of lists of records; surveys, marketing, and solicitations; insertion of safeguard in agreement or contract; duties of recipient of personal information; disclosure of list based on driving behavior or sanctions.

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