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NOTE: Dates reflect any modification to item, not necessarily a change in law.

Chapter 570 - LIENS
Act 179 of 1891 ‑ Repealed-MECHANIC'S LIEN (570.1 - 570.30)
     Section 570.101 ‑ Building, repairing, or ornamenting public works; bond of contractor required; exceptions.
     Section 570.102 ‑ Notice by subcontractor, materialman or laborer.
     Section 570.103 ‑ Bond of contractor on public works; execution, sureties, conditions.
     Section 570.104 ‑ Bond of contractor on public works; prosecution, recovery.
     Section 570.105 ‑ Bond of contractor on public works; definitions.
Act 259 of 1931 ‑ BUILDING CONTRACT FUND (570.151 - 570.153)
     Section 570.151 ‑ Building contract fund; status as a trust fund.
     Section 570.152 ‑ Building contract fund; fraudulent detention or use by contractor or subcontractor, penalty.
     Section 570.153 ‑ Building contract fund; evidence of fraudulent detention or use.
R.S. of 1846 ‑ Revised Statutes of 1846 (570.185 - 570.194)
     R‑S‑1846‑570‑185‑126 ‑ CHAPTER 126 CHAPTER 126. OF THE LIEN OF MECHANICS AND OTHERS. (570.185...570.194)
               Section 570.185 ‑ Lien of mechanic, artisan or tradesman for manufacturing of goods or keeping of animals.
               Section 570.186 ‑ Lien of mechanic for repair or alteration of goods.
               Section 570.187 ‑ Lien of mechanic; enforcement; sale; form of notice, proceeds.
               Section 570.188 ‑ Suit for recovery of charges; commencement; jurisdiction.
               Section 570.189 ‑ Suit for recovery of charges; proceedings in case summons is personally served.
               Section 570.190 ‑ Suit for recovery of charges; proceedings in case defendant cannot be found.
               Section 570.191 ‑ Suit for recovery of charges; judgment and execution.
               Section 570.192 ‑ Application of chapter.
               Section 570.193 ‑ Additional lien for expense of keeping animals.
               Section 570.194 ‑ Labor lien on property of iron or copper mining corporation; precedence, enforcement.
     Section 570.201 ‑ Labor lien on property of coal, shale or clay mining corporation; precedence, enforcement.
Act 43 of 1943 ‑ Repealed-LIEN FOR CLEANING, DYEING, PRESSING, ALTERING, OR STORING GOODS (570.211 - 570.217)
     Section 570.251 ‑ Lien for labor or material for oil or gas well or pipe line; extent; waiver by agreement; delivery of materials; additional liens, recording.
     Section 570.252 ‑ Lien for labor or material for oil or gas well or pipe line; contractors or sub-contractors.
     Section 570.253 ‑ Owner or lessee may retain money to pay demands; statement of contractor; protection of owners.
     Section 570.254 ‑ Statement of lien; contents; verification; recording with register of deeds; index; effect; fee.
     Section 570.255 ‑ Statement of lien; service of copy on owner or lessee, proof, posting.
     Section 570.256 ‑ Liens; duration, priority over other interests, subrogation.
     Section 570.257 ‑ Proceedings to enforce lien; lis pendens, parties, cross bills, practice and procedure, sale, confirmation, costs.
     Section 570.258 ‑ Lien not to preclude any other lawful remedy.
     Section 570.259 ‑ Lienholder to execute discharge upon payment of debt; recording with register of deeds, fee; discharge by ex parte proceedings.
     Section 570.260 ‑ Assignment or waiver of lien.
     Section 570.261 ‑ Notice by publication.
     Section 570.262 ‑ Liberal construction.
     Section 570.263 ‑ Oil or gas wells and pipe lines; definitions.
     Section 570.266 ‑ Declaration of emergency.
Act 312 of 1915 ‑ GARAGE KEEPER'S LIEN ACT (570.301 - 570.310)
     Section 570.301 ‑ Short title.
     Section 570.301a, 570.301b ‑ Repealed. 1998, Act 236, Imd. Eff. July 3, 1998.
     Section 570.302 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 570.302a ‑ Repealed. 1998, Act 236, Imd. Eff. July 3, 1998.
     Section 570.303 ‑ Garage keeper; attachment of lien upon vehicle; manner; amount.
     Section 570.304 ‑ Garage keeper's lien; amounts not included; storage charge.
     Section 570.305 ‑ Garage keeper's lien; enforcement; sale of vehicle at public sale.
     Section 570.306 ‑ Proceeds of sale; distribution; order of priority; return of remaining proceeds to vehicle owner; disposition of unclaimed money.
     Section 570.307 ‑ Failure to comply with act; action by owner or lienholder.
     Section 570.308 ‑ Applicability of act to warehouse receipt, bill of lading, or other document of title.
     Section 570.309 ‑ Other ordinance or state law; effect.
     Section 570.310 ‑ False statement; violation as misdemeanor; penalty.
Act 116 of 1911 ‑ PRESSING, THRESHING, OR HULLING LIEN (570.331 - 570.339)
     Section 570.331 ‑ Lien for threshing, pressing or hulling.
     Section 570.332 ‑ Lien for threshing, pressing or hulling; statement of lien, contents, filing; waiver.
     Section 570.333 ‑ Lien for threshing, pressing or hulling; duty of register of deeds, fees.
     Section 570.334 ‑ Lien for threshing, pressing or hulling; certified copy as evidence, effect.
     Section 570.335 ‑ Suit for recovery of charges; commencement; jurisdiction.
     Section 570.336 ‑ Suit for recovery of charges; proceedings in case of personal service.
     Section 570.337 ‑ Suit for recovery of charges; proceedings in case of no personal service.
     Section 570.338 ‑ Judgment; execution.
     Section 570.339 ‑ Violation of act; misdemeanor, penalty.
Act 160 of 1897 ‑ Repealed-HORSESHOER'S LIEN (570.351 - 570.363)
Act 362 of 1998 ‑ MICHIGAN MARINA AND BOATYARD STORAGE LIEN ACT (570.371 - 570.379)
     Section 570.371 ‑ Short title.
     Section 570.372 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 570.373 ‑ Possessory lien on stored property.
     Section 570.374 ‑ Notice of lien.
     Section 570.375 ‑ Enforcement of lien.
     Section 570.376 ‑ New title or registration; issuance by secretary of state.
     Section 570.377 ‑ Sale of documented vessel; satisfaction of requirements.
     Section 570.378 ‑ Termination of lien.
     Section 570.379 ‑ Inconsistent act provisions.
Act 59 of 1864 (Ex. Sess.) ‑ LIEN ON WATERCRAFT (570.401 - 570.449)
     Section 570.401 ‑ Repeal; saving clause.
     Section 570.402 ‑ Liens upon certain watercraft for certain debts.
     Section 570.403 ‑ Complaint; filing, jurisdiction of courts in certain counties.
     Section 570.404 ‑ Warrant, summons; issuance, contents, return date.
     Section 570.405 ‑ Warrant; execution by sheriff.
     Section 570.406 ‑ Warrant; return.
     Section 570.407 ‑ Warrant; number against same craft, limitation.
     Section 570.408 ‑ Notice on return of warrant; publication.
     Section 570.409 ‑ Warrant; contents.
     Section 570.410 ‑ Intervening complaints; rights, summons.
     Section 570.411 ‑ Intervening complaints; time for filing.
     Section 570.412 ‑ Liens not filed before sale; cessation.
     Section 570.413 ‑ Writ of restitution; application, issuance.
     Section 570.414 ‑ Bond on restitution; conditions, sureties.
     Section 570.415 ‑ Bond on restitution; notice of application; sureties, justification and examination.
     Section 570.416 ‑ Motion for additional security.
     Section 570.417 ‑ Order of appraisement; issuance of writ of restitution; court order for sale to prevent loss.
     Section 570.418 ‑ Writ of restitution; issuance by clerk upon receipt of security, discharge from lien.
     Section 570.419 ‑ Entry of appearance; notice, default.
     Section 570.420 ‑ Answer or demurrer; time for filing, effect of answer.
     Section 570.421 ‑ Interrogation; appended to pleadings, filing; answer.
     Section 570.422 ‑ Pleadings subsequent to answer; amended complaint.
     Section 570.423 ‑ Exceptions to answer.
     Section 570.424 ‑ Trial or hearing; notice.
     Section 570.425 ‑ Trial or hearing; jury trial, demand.
     Section 570.426 ‑ Evidence; taking by attorney or commissioner, report to court.
     Section 570.427 ‑ Admiralty principles; applicability.
     Section 570.428 ‑ Judgment for complainant; in personna.
     Section 570.429 ‑ Judgment for complainant; in rem.
     Section 570.430 ‑ Sale of craft; writ.
     Section 570.431 ‑ Sale of craft; duty of sheriff.
     Section 570.432 ‑ Sale of craft; bill of sale, contents, use as evidence, effect on title.
     Section 570.433 ‑ Sale of craft; distribution of proceeds.
     Section 570.434 ‑ Sale of craft; distribution of surplus.
     Section 570.435 ‑ Sale of craft; payment of claims based on subsequent decree or appeal.
     Section 570.436 ‑ Appeal to supreme court; claim, bond.
     Section 570.437 ‑ Appeal to supreme court; transcript of record.
     Section 570.438 ‑ Appeal to supreme court; hearing de novo.
     Section 570.439 ‑ Appeal to supreme court; jurisdiction, acquisition, taking of testimony.
     Section 570.440 ‑ Appeal to supreme court; order.
     Section 570.441 ‑ Appeal to supreme court; judgment on order.
     Section 570.442 ‑ Fees; clerk, sheriff, attorney.
     Section 570.443 ‑ Rules of practice.
     Section 570.444 ‑ Proceedings upon cases arising in other states.
     Section 570.445 ‑ Enforcement of lien; time limitation, effect of bona fide purchase of craft.
     Section 570.446 ‑ Costs; security; taxation, appeal.
     Section 570.447 ‑ Proceedings and practice; depositions, writs, costs.
     Section 570.448 ‑ Record of proceedings; fee for certifying copies.
     Section 570.449 ‑ Clerk of recorder's court; bond.
Act 180 of 1947 ‑ Repealed-LIEN ON INVENTORY (570.501 - 570.512)
Act 148 of 1985 ‑ SELF-SERVICE STORAGE FACILITY ACT (570.521 - 570.527)
     Section 570.521 ‑ Short title.
     Section 570.522 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 570.523 ‑ Lien; attachment; priority; written notice; limit on property value; late payment charge.
     Section 570.524 ‑ Denial of access upon nonpayment of rent; disclosure of nontenant occupant; tenant as service member who is transferred or deployed.
     Section 570.525 ‑ Enforcement of lien.
     Section 570.526 ‑ Action for damages.
     Section 570.527 ‑ Applicability of act.
Act 481 of 2002 ‑ SPECIAL TOOLS LIEN ACT (570.541 - 570.571)
     Section 570.541 ‑ Short title.
     Section 570.542 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 570.543 ‑ Special tools; unclaimed possession; transfer of rights from customer to end user; destruction.
     Section 570.545 ‑ Transfer of rights to end user; notice; waiting period.
     Section 570.547 ‑ Return receipt of notice; possession unclaimed; transfer.
     Section 570.549 ‑ Retroactive application of waiting period.
     Section 570.551 ‑ Applicability and construction of MCL 570.543, 570.545, 570.547, and 570.549.
     Section 570.553 ‑ Lien; possession.
     Section 570.555 ‑ Enforcement of lien; notice.
     Section 570.557 ‑ Sale of special tool at public auction; conditions.
     Section 570.559 ‑ Sale of special tool at public auction; notice; information; notice nondeliverable; dispute.
     Section 570.561 ‑ Payment of proceeds to prior lienholder; payment of amount to end user possessing lien or to customer.
     Section 570.563 ‑ Information recorded by special tool builder; filing financial statement; constructive notice of lien on special tool; attachment; duration of lien; priority.
     Section 570.565 ‑ Enforcement of lien; notice.
     Section 570.567 ‑ Rights of possession.
     Section 570.569 ‑ Sale of special tool with lien asserted.
     Section 570.571 ‑ Sale of special tool; use of excess proceeds; prohibition.
Act 201 of 2010 ‑ COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE BROKER'S LIEN ACT (570.581 - 570.594)
     Section 570.581 ‑ Short title.
     Section 570.582 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 570.583 ‑ Commercial real estate broker's lien; availability.
     Section 570.584 ‑ Lien; attachment; conditions; recording; time of filing; contents of claim; form; mailing; claim of lien as void and unenforceable; priority of prior-recorded lien or mortgage; "lease" defined.
     Section 570.585 ‑ Escrow account; establishment to satisfy lien; release.
     Section 570.586 ‑ Action to enforce lien; complaint.
     Section 570.587 ‑ Commencement of action; time period.
     Section 570.588 ‑ Sale of interest in commercial real estate; court order; order of foreclosure; period of redemption; order of deficiency judgment; costs.
     Section 570.589 ‑ Written demand on behalf of owner of commercial real estate; service.
     Section 570.590 ‑ Condition prohibiting compensation; release of lien.
     Section 570.591 ‑ Payment of claim or failure to commence action; release of lien.
     Section 570.592 ‑ Partial payment of lien claim; partial satisfaction and release of lien; form.
     Section 570.593 ‑ Priority of subsequently recorded mortgage; condition.
     Section 570.594 ‑ Written commission agreement signed after effective date of act; applicability.
Act 497 of 1980 ‑ CONSTRUCTION LIEN ACT (570.1101 - 570.1305)
     497‑1980‑1 ‑ PART 1 (570.1101...570.1128)
          Section 570.1101 ‑ Short title.
          Section 570.1102 ‑ Meanings of words and phrases.
          Section 570.1103 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 570.1104 ‑ Additional definitions.
          Section 570.1105 ‑ Additional definitions.
          Section 570.1106 ‑ Additional definitions.
          Section 570.1107 ‑ Construction lien generally.
          Section 570.1108 ‑ Physical improvements to real property; notice of commencement; form; recording; contents of notice; blank notice of furnishing; incorrect information in notice; providing copy of notice and blank notice of furnishing form to subcontractor, supplier, or laborer upon request; posting copy of notice; failure of owner, lessee, or designee to record, provide, or post required notice; failure of contractor or subcontractor to provide notice; section inapplicable to residential structure improvement.
          Section 570.1108a ‑ Improvement to residential structure; notice of commencement; contents of notice; blank notice of furnishing; incorrect information in notice; providing copy of notice and blank notice of furnishing to contractor, subcontractor, supplier, or laborer upon request; posting copy of notice; failure of owner, lessee, or designee to provide or post notice; failure of contractor or subcontractor to provide notice and name and address of owner or lessee; liability to lien claimant; section applicable to residential structure improvement.
          Section 570.1109 ‑ Subcontractor, supplier, or laborer contracting to provide improvement to real property; service of notice of furnishing; form of notice; effect of failure by lien claimant to provide notice within time specified; failure of laborer to provide notice of furnishing; authorization of agent by laborers to prepare and serve notice.
          Section 570.1110 ‑ Sworn statement by contractor or subcontractor; contents; form; notice of receipt; withholding from contractor or subcontractor amount due subcontractors, suppliers, laborers, or lien claimants; direct payments to lien claimants; notice; itemized statement; reliance on sworn statement to avoid claim; failure of contractor or subcontractor to provide sworn statement to owner or lessee prior to recording claim of lien; giving false sworn statement to owner or lessee as crime; total amount; prior convictions; prohibited use.
          Section 570.1111 ‑ Claim of lien; recording; validity; form; assignment; statement; proof of service of notice of furnishing; serving copy of claim of lien and recorded proof of service on designee, owner, or lessee; claim of lien of more than 1 laborer; consideration by court.
          Section 570.1112 ‑ Endorsing and indexing instrument by register of deeds; recording fee; constructive notice.
          Section 570.1113 ‑ Making available to lien claimant copy of contract and statement of amount due and unpaid; liability of owner or lessee; providing to owner, lessee, or designee statement of labor and material furnished; liability of lien claimant failing to provide statement; honoring request for payment by lien claimant.
          Section 570.1114 ‑ Construction lien on interest of owner or lessee in residential structure; providing improvement under written contract required; statement; contents.
          Section 570.1114a ‑ Construction lien recorded by unlicensed person.
          Section 570.1115 ‑ Waiver of construction lien.
          Section 570.1116 ‑ Claim of lien; vacation and discharge; bond; penal sum; filing; notification of lien claimant; objection to sufficiency of surety; appearance by surety; approval of bond; certificate; recordation; discharge of claim of lien and notice of lis pendens; action by obligee; court order or other relief.
          Section 570.1117 ‑ Action for enforcement of construction lien through foreclosure; notice of lis pendens; agent appointed to represent laborers; parties; action on contract by lien claimant; enforcement of lien by cross-claim or counterclaim where lien claimant party; sworn statement.
          Section 570.1118 ‑ Action to enforce construction lien through foreclosure; circuit court; equitable nature of action; enforcement of lien by cross-claim or counterclaim filed in pending action; duties of court; attorneys' fees.
          Section 570.1118a ‑ Attachment of claim to residential structure; affidavit; rebuttable presumption of payment by owner or lessee to contractor.
          Section 570.1119 ‑ Claims of lien having equal priority; priority of construction lien over garnishments and over other interests, liens, or encumbrances; attachment; effect of recording; priority of recorded mortgage, lien, encumbrance, or other interest over construction lien; advances; retainage.
          Section 570.1120 ‑ Failure of owner or lessee to perform contract; compensation and additional damages.
          Section 570.1121 ‑ Judgment of foreclosure; sale of real property or improvement; satisfaction of lien from rents, profits, and income; adding tax and insurance premium payments; affidavit; redemption period; conduct of sale; right, title, and interest vested in grantee; final order; deficiency judgment; surplus; bringing sale proceeds into court; redemption.
          Section 570.1122 ‑ Appointing receiver in action to enforce construction lien through foreclosure or in action to foreclose mortgage; petition; motion; finding; appointment; nominations by mortgagee and lien claimant; fiduciary responsibility; appointment of receiver for residential structure or certain apartment buildings prohibited; power of receiver.
          Section 570.1123 ‑ Petition by receiver for authority to complete construction of improvements, borrow money, grant security, or sell real property under foreclosure; sale; redemption period; purchase of real property by lien claimant or mortgagee; right, title, and interest vested in grantee.
          Section 570.1124 ‑ Final account of receiver; final order directing distribution of assets; order of priority; deficiency judgment; notice of hearing.
          Section 570.1125 ‑ Assignability of construction lien; powers and obligations of assignee.
          Section 570.1126 ‑ Construction lien concerning condominium; limitations; definitions.
          Section 570.1127 ‑ Full payment of claim of lien; certificate; discontinuance or dismissal of action to enforce lien through foreclosure and to discharge notice of lis pendens; documents; providing discharges of lien and other documents.
          Section 570.1128 ‑ Failure to commence proceedings to enforce lien within time provided by law; certificate; recording; affidavit showing time statement or claim of lien recorded.
     497‑1980‑2 ‑ PART 2 (570.1201...570.1207)
          Section 570.1201‑570.1207 ‑ Repealed. 1010, Act 147, Imd. Eff. Aug. 23, 2010.
     497‑1980‑3 ‑ PART 3 (570.1301...570.1305)
          Section 570.1301 ‑ Laws controlling rights to lien and construction lien; requesting statement of date of owner's first contract with contractor; response; effect of failure to respond to request; definitions.
          Section 570.1302 ‑ Construction of act.
          Section 570.1303, 570.1304 ‑ Repealed. 2010, Act 147, Imd. Eff. Aug. 23, 2010.
          Section 570.1305 ‑ Effective date of act; effective date of MCL 570.1303.

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