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NOTE: Dates reflect any modification to item, not necessarily a change in law.

Act 172 of 1929 ‑ Repealed-THE PLAT ACT OF 1929 (560.1 - 560.80)
Act 288 of 1967 ‑ LAND DIVISION ACT (560.101 - 560.293)
     288‑1967‑GENERAL‑PROVISIONS ‑ GENERAL PROVISIONS (560.101...560.109b)
          Section 560.101 ‑ Short title.
          Section 560.102 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 560.103 ‑ Subdivisions of land; surveys and plats, requirements.
          Section 560.104 ‑ Replats; requirements; vacation of original plat.
          Section 560.105 ‑ Preliminary or final plat; approval; conditions.
          Section 560.106 ‑ Approving authorities; limitation on powers of approval or rejection.
          Section 560.107 ‑ Preliminary plat; submission, discretion.
          Section 560.108 ‑ Parent parcel or parent tract; number of parcels resulting from division; limitations; requirements.
          Section 560.109 ‑ Approval or disapproval of proposed division; requirements; exemption from platting requirements; notice of transfer; form; sale of unplatted land; statement contained in deed; ordinance; approval not determination of compliance; effect of failure to comply.
          Section 560.109a ‑ Parcel less than 1 acre.
          Section 560.109b ‑ Parcels of 20 or more acres.
     288‑1967‑PRELIMINARY‑PLATS ‑ PRELIMINARY PLATS (560.111...560.120)
          Section 560.111 ‑ Preliminary plat; specifications; requirements; preapplication review meeting.
          Section 560.112 ‑ Preliminary plat; tentative approval; time period; extension.
          Section 560.112a ‑ Preliminary plat; submission of copies to officer or agency; review and action; time period.
          Section 560.113 ‑ Preliminary plat; county road commissioner's approval or rejection.
          Section 560.114 ‑ Preliminary plat; county drain commissioner's approval or rejection.
          Section 560.115 ‑ Preliminary plat; state transportation department's approval or rejection.
          Section 560.116 ‑ Preliminary plat; department of environmental quality's approval or rejection.
          Section 560.117 ‑ Preliminary plat; approval or rejection; fees; disposition of fees.
          Section 560.118 ‑ Preliminary plat; health department's approval or rejection.
          Section 560.119 ‑ Preliminary plat; submission to county plat board and public utilities.
          Section 560.120 ‑ Final approval; proprietor's rights and duties; procedure; time period; extension.
     288‑1967‑SURVEYS ‑ SURVEYS (560.125...560.126)
          Section 560.125 ‑ Survey requirements; monuments.
          Section 560.126 ‑ Survey accuracy.
     288‑1967‑FINAL‑PLATS ‑ FINAL PLATS (560.131...560.198)
          Section 560.131 ‑ General survey requirements; date of expiration of approval.
          Section 560.132 ‑ Plats; specifications.
          Section 560.133 ‑ Final plat; caption.
          Section 560.134 ‑ Final plat; description of land.
          Section 560.135 ‑ Map and engineering requirements.
          Section 560.136 ‑ Final plat; exterior boundaries; requirements, specifications.
          Section 560.137 ‑ Final plat; public and private grounds, streets, roads and alleys.
          Section 560.138 ‑ Final plat; flood plains.
          Section 560.139 ‑ Public utilities; easements.
          Section 560.140 ‑ Lots and outlots; description.
          Section 560.141 ‑ Improvements.
          Section 560.142 ‑ Certificate required for recording.
          Section 560.143 ‑ Surveyor's certificate.
          Section 560.144 ‑ Proprietor's certificate.
          Section 560.145 ‑ County treasurer's certificate.
          Section 560.146 ‑ County drain commissioner's certificate.
          Section 560.147 ‑ County road commissioner's certificate.
          Section 560.148 ‑ Municipality governing board's certificate.
          Section 560.149 ‑ County plat board's certificate.
          Section 560.150 ‑ State highway commission's certificate.
          Section 560.151 ‑ Certificate signed by director of department of energy, labor, and economic growth; approval of plat.
          Section 560.161 ‑ Approval; general requirements.
          Section 560.162 ‑ Drain commissioner; number of copies.
          Section 560.163 ‑ Drain commissioner; approval procedure.
          Section 560.164 ‑ Board of county road commissioners; submission of plat.
          Section 560.165 ‑ Board of county road commissioners; approval procedure.
          Section 560.166 ‑ Municipality governing body; submission of plat.
          Section 560.167 ‑ Municipality governing body; approval procedure.
          Section 560.167a ‑ State transportation department; receipt of plat.
          Section 560.168 ‑ Forwarding to county plat board; procedure of board.
          Section 560.169 ‑ Forwarding approval and plat copies to state administrator.
          Section 560.169a ‑ Repealed. 1993, Act 67, Eff. Oct. 1, 1998.
          Section 560.170 ‑ Repealed. 2004, Act 525, Eff. July 1, 2005.
          Section 560.171 ‑ Department of labor and economic growth; plat approval or rejection; recording.
          Section 560.172 ‑ Register of deeds; recordings; notice to director of department of energy, labor, and economic growth.
          Section 560.173 ‑ Director of department of energy, labor, and economic growth; procedure following notice of recording.
          Section 560.181 ‑ Final plat; streets, alleys, roads and highways; general requirements.
          Section 560.182 ‑ Final plat; streets, alleys, and roads; municipal requirements; deposit; rebate; rejection of plat; circumstances.
          Section 560.183 ‑ Final plat; highways, streets, and alleys; private roads; county road commission requirements; “county road commission” defined.
          Section 560.184 ‑ State highways; dedication; other highways and streets.
          Section 560.186 ‑ Final plat; lots and outlots; waiver; applicability of subsection (3); maintaining recorded plat.
          Section 560.188 ‑ Improvements.
          Section 560.190 ‑ Public utility easements.
          Section 560.192 ‑ Storm water drainage requirements as condition of final plat approval.
          Section 560.192a ‑ Operation and maintenance of retention basins; annual appropriation; creation of special assessment district; establishment of boundaries; hearing on creation of district; duties of governing body creating district; hearing on objections to cost, roll, or spreading of assessment; manner and time assessments due, collected, and returned; notice of hearing; exclusion.
          Section 560.194 ‑ Flood plains; prohibit occupancy; alterations.
          Section 560.196 ‑ Subdivision names; consecutive numbering of additions.
          Section 560.198 ‑ Correction of errors; surveyor's affidavit.
     288‑1967‑ASSESSORS‑PLATS ‑ ASSESSOR'S PLATS (560.201...560.213)
          Section 560.201 ‑ Assessor's plat; compliance; conditions for ordering; resolution; report; estimated cost.
          Section 560.201a ‑ Assessor's plat; additional conditions for ordering.
          Section 560.201b ‑ Assessor's plat; additional conditions for ordering.
          Section 560.202 ‑ Name and boundary description; plat made by surveyor.
          Section 560.203 ‑ Assessor's plat; payment of costs and expenses; cost charged to land.
          Section 560.204 ‑ Survey requirements; setting of monuments.
          Section 560.205 ‑ Notice to proprietors.
          Section 560.206 ‑ Reconciliation of boundaries within plat.
          Section 560.207 ‑ Boundaries and numbering of lots within plat.
          Section 560.208 ‑ Surveyor's certificate.
          Section 560.209 ‑ Filing; county road commission approval; publication; action to correct plat.
          Section 560.210 ‑ Local authorities approval; acknowledgment; review by director of energy, labor, and economic growth; recording.
          Section 560.211 ‑ Recording; notification of local authorities; apportionment of taxes.
          Section 560.212 ‑ References to plat descriptions; use; plats as evidence.
          Section 560.213 ‑ Plat recorded after tax day; substitution of plat description; certification of acquisition of public lands.
     288‑1967‑PLAT‑CHANGES ‑ PLAT CHANGES (560.221...560.229)
          Section 560.221 ‑ Vacation, correction, or revision of plat.
          Section 560.222 ‑ Complaint; filing.
          Section 560.222a ‑ Public utility easement as part of recorded plat; relinquishment by written agreement; parties; requirements.
          Section 560.223 ‑ Complaint; contents.
          Section 560.224 ‑ Repealed. 1978, Act 367, Imd. Eff. July 22, 1978.
          Section 560.224a ‑ Joinder of parties defendant.
          Section 560.225 ‑ Repealed. 1978, Act 367, Imd. Eff. July 22, 1978.
          Section 560.226 ‑ Trial and hearing; order to vacate, correct, or revise recorded plat; exceptions; plat recording resulting in loss of public access to lake or stream; reservation of easement; operation and maintenance of property by state or local unit; effect of noncompliance with subsection (4); closure of road ending; proceedings.
          Section 560.227 ‑ Repealed. 1978, Act 367, Imd. Eff. July 22, 1978.
          Section 560.227a ‑ Vesting of title upon vacation of plat, street, or alley; legal description of abutting lot.
          Section 560.228 ‑ Recording of judgment.
          Section 560.229 ‑ Preparation and form of new plat; filing copies; caption; approval; distribution of copies; fees.
          Section 560.241 ‑ Submission of final plat; filing and recording fee; state plat review fee; disposition of fee.
          Section 560.241a ‑ Repealed. 1993, Act 67, Eff. Oct. 1, 1998.
          Section 560.242 ‑ Director of department of energy, labor, and economic growth; records and indexing; fees.
          Section 560.243 ‑ Register of deeds; maintaining permanent file; expense; fee.
          Section 560.244 ‑ Proprietor's copy.
          Section 560.245 ‑ Abstract of title or title policy; attorney's opinion in lieu of abstract.
          Section 560.246 ‑ Governing body; fees.
          Section 560.247 ‑ County plat board; compensation.
          Section 560.248 ‑ County road commission; fees.
          Section 560.249 ‑ Board of supervisors; fees.
          Section 560.251 ‑ Recorded plats; evidence.
          Section 560.252 ‑ Instruments affecting title; prohibit recording unless plat recorded.
          Section 560.253 ‑ Dedication of plats; reservation of mineral rights.
          Section 560.254 ‑ Restrictions; enforcement.
          Section 560.255 ‑ Lot numbers use.
          Section 560.255a ‑ Land revised, altered, or vacated by order of circuit court in county in which land situated.
          Section 560.255b ‑ Presumption of acceptance of land dedicated to use of public; rebuttal.
          Section 560.256 ‑ Opening, vacating, extending, widening, or changing name of street or alley; recording certified copy of ordinance or resolution; copy to director of energy, labor, and economic growth.
          Section 560.257 ‑ Discontinuance of street, alley, or other public land; reservation of easement; recording resolution or ordinance; copy to director of energy, labor, and economic growth.
          Section 560.258 ‑ Public lands; agreements for maintenance.
          Section 560.259 ‑ Minimum standards.
     288‑1967‑PENALTIES ‑ PENALTIES (560.261...560.293)
          Section 560.261 ‑ Sale of land; written disclosures to buyer; voidability of sale.
          Section 560.262 ‑ Monuments; removal or disturbance.
          Section 560.263 ‑ Lots; further division; regulation.
          Section 560.264 ‑ Sale of land; noncompliance with act; penalty.
          Section 560.265 ‑ Enforcement of act; injunctive proceedings; venue.
          Section 560.266 ‑ Enforcement of act; prosecution, venue.
          Section 560.267 ‑ Sale of lands in violation of act; voidability of sale.
          Section 560.290 ‑ Department of energy, labor, and economic growth; employee in charge of plat section; qualifications.
          Section 560.291 ‑ Plats in process, approval.
          Section 560.292 ‑ Plat recorded under former 1839 PA 91; conflict or inconsistency.
          Section 560.293 ‑ Effective date.

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