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Act 352 of 1925
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Act 352 of 1925

AN ACT to provide for the purchase and condemnation of private property for public highway purposes.

History: 1925, Act 352, Imd. Eff. May 27, 1925

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The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 213.171SectionProperty; acquisition by county road or state highway commissioners; approval of required officials.
Section 213.172SectionProperty for county and trunk line; conveyances, name, fluid mineral and gas rights, recording.
Section 213.173SectionPayment of purchase price for property.
Section 213.174SectionDetermination of necessity by board or commissioner; hearing.
Section 213.174aSectionDetermination of necessity by circuit court commissioner if board or commissioner is disqualified.
Section 213.175SectionDetermination of necessity; filing and recording; compensation for property.
Section 213.176SectionPossession notice; vesting of title; removal of obstructions on property.
Section 213.177SectionPetition; circuit court to appoint commissioners to determine damages.
Section 213.178SectionPetition; order for hearing, service.
Section 213.179SectionPetition; service upon guardians; guardian ad litem.
Section 213.180SectionPetition; constructive service; order for appearance.
Section 213.181SectionOrder for appearance; publication; mailing and service of order.
Section 213.182SectionOrder for appearance; proof of publication and service; filing.
Section 213.183SectionDefault of persons not appearing; court-appointed commissioners; discontinuance.
Section 213.184SectionCommissioners; meetings, adjournments; witnesses.
Section 213.185SectionCommissioners; view of premises; hearing; evidence of ownership.
Section 213.186SectionCommissioners; appraisal of damages; reports.
Section 213.187SectionCommissioners; not necessary to include all parcels of property in same petition.
Section 213.188SectionBenefits to owners; deduction from damage costs.
Section 213.189SectionOrders of court upon determination and in regarding commissioners.
Section 213.190SectionConfirmation of commissioner's report; witness, attorney, damage fees.
Section 213.191SectionCompensation of highway condemnation commissioners; expenses.
Section 213.192SectionPrima facie evidence; certificate, report, or determination.
Section 213.193SectionRight to acquire property of municipalities and cemetery associations; exchange.
Section 213.194SectionSale of excess land; conveyance; record.
Section 213.195SectionRepealed. 1958, Act 77, Eff. Sept. 13, 1958.
Section 213.197SectionReview by certiorari; procedure; time limitations.
Section 213.198SectionState highway commissioner or deputy may conduct proceedings.
Section 213.199SectionAll notices and orders; service.
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