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Act 182 of 1986
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Act 182 of 1986

AN ACT to provide for the Michigan department of state police retirement system; to create certain reserves and certain funds for this retirement system; to provide for the creation of a retirement board within the department of technology, management, and budget; to prescribe the powers and duties of the retirement board; to prescribe the powers and duties of the department of state police, the department of technology, management, and budget, and certain state officers; and to repeal certain acts and parts of acts.

History: 1986, Act 182, Eff. Oct. 1, 1986 ;-- Am. 2015, Act 168, Imd. Eff. Nov. 3, 2015

© 2017 Legislative Council, State of Michigan

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 38.1601SectionShort title.
Section 38.1602SectionMeanings of words and phrases.
Section 38.1603SectionDefinitions; B to L.
Section 38.1604SectionDefinitions; M to S.
Section 38.1605SectionMichigan state police retirement system; creation.
Section 38.1606SectionState police retirement board; creation; appointment, qualifications, and terms of members.
Section 38.1607SectionState police retirement board; oath of member; conducting business at public meeting; notice; quorum; failure of member to attend 3 consecutive meetings; availability of writings to public; rules.
Section 38.1608SectionState police retirement board; per diem compensation; reimbursement of expenses; maximum number of meetings.
Section 38.1609SectionState treasurer as treasurer of retirement system; investment authority; fiduciary responsibility; limitations on investment of funds; deposit of funds; disposition of income earned by reserves.
Section 38.1610SectionWarrants.
Section 38.1611SectionEngagement of actuary; annual valuation; experience investigation and risk assumptions; report.
Section 38.1612SectionState police retirement board; chairperson; executive secretary.
Section 38.1613SectionSummary of fiscal transactions.
Section 38.1613aSectionCorrection of error; benefit payment adjustment.
Section 38.1614SectionFunding objective of retirement system; annual level percentage of payroll contribution rate; submission of differences to legislature for appropriation; allocation and deposit of funds; pension and retiree health care payroll growth assumption rate; normal cost contribution rate.
Section 38.1614aSectionIntent; retirement system as qualified pension plan and trust as exempt organization; administration; employer-financed benefit limitation; use and investment of assets; return of post-tax member contributions; beginning date of distributions; termination of retirement system; election to rollover to retirement plan; qualified military service.
Section 38.1615SectionReserve for employee contributions; subaccounts; transfer of accumulated member contributions.
Section 38.1615aSectionMandatory contributions into the reserve for employee contributions.
Section 38.1616SectionReserve for employer contributions; transfer of accumulated employer contributions.
Section 38.1617SectionReserve for retired benefit payments; transfer between reserve for employer contributions and reserve for retired benefit payments.
Section 38.1618SectionReserve for casualty experience; initial casualty valuation as determining full funding reserve requirements; allocation from assets; retiree casualty payments; “casualty” defined.
Section 38.1619SectionReserve for undistributed investment income; amounts to be transferred; providing contingency reserves or meeting requirements of other reserve accounts; insufficient balance.
Section 38.1620SectionAdministrative expenses; appropriation.
Section 38.1621SectionAllocation of undistributed investment income; charging amounts allocated; allocation rates.
Section 38.1622SectionPayment date of retirement allowance; payment upon cessation of retirement allowance.
Section 38.1623SectionEmployees of department of state police as members of retirement system; Tier 1 or Tier 2 plan; resignation, death, transfer, or dismissal of member; lump sum; transfer of unclaimed contributions.
Section 38.1624SectionEligibility for retirement; application for retirement; mandatory retirement; amount of retirement allowance; death of retirant; appeal to retirement board; retirement allowance payment options; retirement allowance beneficiary; exception; written request.
Section 38.1624aSectionDeferred retirement option plan.
Section 38.1624bSectionMembers on or after June 10, 2012; minimum eligibility for retirement; application for retirement; amount of retirement allowance.
Section 38.1625SectionPayment of retirement allowance to surviving spouse, children, mother, father, sisters, or brothers; payment to deceased member's estate; applicability of supplements to retirement allowances and minimum annual retirement allowance provisions; maximum retirement allowance; eligibility for health insurance coverage.
Section 38.1626SectionRetirement due to duty incurred disability; amount of retirement allowance; payment to surviving spouse or children; payment to deceased member's estate; maximum retirement allowance; eligibility for health insurance coverage.
Section 38.1627SectionNonduty related death prior to effective date of retirement; payment to surviving spouse or children; payment to deceased member's estate; prohibited payment; commencement of retirement allowance; eligibility for health insurance coverage.
Section 38.1628SectionRetirement due to nonduty incurred disability; amount of retirement allowance; payment to surviving spouse or children; payment to deceased member's estate; eligibility for health insurance coverage.
Section 38.1629SectionRetirement allowance on grounds of disability; medical examination; certification of findings; failure to return to active duty; forfeiture of rights.
Section 38.1630SectionDeferred retirement allowance in lieu of refund of contributions; amount; commencement and duration of payments; forfeiture; payment to surviving spouse or dependent children; effect of reemployment; combining prior and subsequent service; recomputation of retirement allowance; service credit for member not meeting vision screening standards.
Section 38.1631SectionRemarriage of surviving spouse.
Section 38.1632SectionPurchase of service credit for active duty with armed forces.
Section 38.1633SectionPurchase of service credit for service in VISTA or Peace Corps; eligibility exception.
Section 38.1634SectionLeaving service or reducing hours of employment for purposes of maternity or paternity or child rearing; purchase of service credit; eligibility exception.
Section 38.1635SectionPartial purchase of service credit.
Section 38.1636SectionReinstatement of disability retirant.
Section 38.1637SectionSupplement to retirement allowance under former MCL 28.107(5).
Section 38.1638SectionSupplement to retirement allowance under former MCL 28.108c.
Section 38.1639SectionSupplement to retirement allowance on or after October 1, 1986.
Section 38.1639aSectionMonthly retirement allowance of retirant or beneficiary of deceased retirant; increase in payments; requirements; basis for calculations of future adjustments.
Section 38.1640SectionTotal retirement allowance of retirant or beneficiary of deceased retirant; increase; basis for calculations of future adjustments.
Section 38.1640aSectionRetirement allowance of retirant or retirement allowance beneficiary; increase; amount; limitation.
Section 38.1640bSectionRecalculation of retirement allowance.
Section 38.1640cSectionSupplemental benefit; conditions.
Section 38.1641SectionRetirement allowance increases for command officers; effect on salary adjustments.
Section 38.1641aSectionRetirant participating and accruing leave time in bank time hours program established December 22, 1957 to July 13, 1963; supplement.
Section 38.1642SectionPayment of hospitalization and medical, dental, and vision coverage insurance premiums; creation and function of health-dental-and vision benefits fund; health advance funding subaccount; transfer of funds; application of section to certain members.
Section 38.1642aSectionElimination of health insurance coverage premium for certain members; contributions into Tier 2 account; credit to health reimbursement account.
Section 38.1642bSectionQualified participant; Tier 1 and Tier 2 vesting schedule.
Section 38.1643SectionRight of member, retirant, or beneficiary to retirement allowance or other benefit.
Section 38.1644SectionTransfer of records, personnel, property, or funds to retirement system.
Section 38.1645SectionGeneral administration, management, and responsibility for operation of retirement system.
Section 38.1646SectionSavings clause.
Section 38.1647SectionRepeal of MCL 28.101 to 28.110.
Section 38.1648SectionEffective date; exceptions.
Section 38.1660SectionImplementation of Tier 2 plan.
Section 38.1661SectionMeanings of words and phrases.
Section 38.1662SectionDefinitions; A to C.
Section 38.1663SectionDefinitions; E to F.
Section 38.1664SectionDefinitions; P to R.
Section 38.1665SectionAdministration of Tier 2 plan; department as fiduciary and trustee; plan document; employ or contract personnel.
Section 38.1666SectionClaim of rights under Tier 2; hearing; application of administrative procedures act to Tier 2.
Section 38.1667SectionInvestment options under Tier 2 plan; limitations do not apply.
Section 38.1668SectionPayment of administrative expenses of Tier 2 plan.
Section 38.1669SectionParticipation in other public sector retirement benefits plan prohibited; exception.
Section 38.1670SectionTier 2 vesting and contribution requirements.
Section 38.1672SectionNomination of refund beneficiary; requirements.
Section 38.1673SectionDistribution of accumulated balance in Tier 2; death of participant; optional methods of distribution.
Section 38.1674SectionRight of setoff; overpayments; embezzlement or fraud; correction of errors.
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