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HR 0024 of 2019House ResolutionA resolution to declare February 21, 2019, as Conductive Education Day in the state of Michigan.
Last Action: 02/19/2019 - adopted
HR 0047 of 2019House ResolutionA resolution to declare March 25, 2019, as Greek Independence Day in the state of Michigan.
Last Action: 03/20/2019 - adopted
HB 4203 of 2019House BillSales tax; exemptions; exemption for prosthetic devices; modify definition. Amends sec. 1a of 1933 PA 167 (MCL 205.51a).
Last Action: 02/18/2020 - INSERTED FULL TITLE
HB 4321 of 2019House BillCriminal procedure; sentencing guidelines; sentencing guidelines for the crime of dismemberment abortion; enact. Amends sec. 16d, ch. XVII of 1927 PA 175 (MCL 777.16d). TIE BAR WITH: HB 4320'19
HB 4540 of 2019
(PA 143 of 2019)
House BillSales tax; other; nexus of marketplace facilitators; clarify. Amends 1933 PA 167 (MCL 205.51 - 205.78) by adding sec. 2d.
Last Action: 12/19/2019 - assigned PA 143'19 with immediate effect
HB 4674 of 2019House BillTransportation; funds; innovative transportation grant fund; create. Amends 1951 PA 51 (MCL 247.651 - 247.675) by adding sec. 10s.
Last Action: 05/24/2019 - bill electronically reproduced 05/28/2019
HB 4675 of 2019House BillEducation; public school academies; enrollment requirements for strict discipline academies; modify. Amends secs. 1311d & 1311g of 1976 PA 451 (MCL 380.1311d & 380.1311g).
Last Action: 10/08/2019 - referred to Committee on Ways and Means, with substitute (H-3)
HB 4703 of 2019House BillCampaign finance; contributions and expenditures; civil fines for contribution or expenditure violations; modify. Amends sec. 15 of 1976 PA 388 (MCL 169.215).
Last Action: 06/12/2019 - bill electronically reproduced 06/11/2019
HB 4749 of 2019House BillWater; quality; source water testing for public water supplier proposing to hook up to a new water source; require. Amends sec. 7 of 1976 PA 399 (MCL 325.1007).
Last Action: 01/21/2020 - referred to Committee on Ways and Means, with substitute (H-1)
HB 4820 of 2019House BillState; other; flags flown at state buildings; limit. Amends 1911 PA 209 (MCL 2.21 - 2.27) by adding sec. 8.
Last Action: 07/31/2019 - bill electronically reproduced 07/31/2019
HB 4926 of 2019House BillProperty tax; local community stabilization share; calculation for eligible millage cap levied; modify. Amends secs. 13 & 14 of 2014 PA 86 (MCL 123.1353 & 123.1354).
HB 5105 of 2019House BillWater; quality; installations of filtration systems in child care centers; require. Amends title and sec. 1 of 1973 PA 116 (MCL 722.111) & adds secs. 3i, 3j & 3k.
Last Action: 10/16/2019 - bill electronically reproduced 10/16/2019
HCR 0013 of 2020House Concurrent ResolutionA concurrent resolution to urge Michigan's United States Senators to vote to find President Trump not guilty of the charges contained in both Articles of Impeachment.
Last Action: 01/21/2020 - referred to Committee on Government Operations
HB 5461 of 2020House BillEconomic development; Michigan strategic fund; loan requirements and reporting requirements for recipients of Michigan strategic fund and Michigan business development program funds; modify. Amends secs. 9 & 88r of 1984 PA 270 (MCL 125.2009 & 125.2088r).
Last Action: 02/05/2020 - bill electronically reproduced 02/05/2020
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