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Act 150 of 1974
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Act 150 of 1974

AN ACT to provide for the acceptance, care, and discharge of youths committed as public wards; to prescribe the liability for the cost of services for public wards; to prescribe procedures for the return of public wards who absent themselves without permission; to provide a penalty for the violation of this act; and to repeal acts and parts of acts.

History: 1974, Act 150, Imd. Eff. June 12, 1974 ;-- Am. 1996, Act 512, Imd. Eff. Jan. 9, 1997 ;-- Am. 1998, Act 517, Imd. Eff. Jan. 12, 1999

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The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 803.301SectionShort title.
Section 803.302SectionDefinitions.
Section 803.302.amendedSectionDefinitions.
Section 803.302aSectionCounty as county juvenile agency; powers; revocation of authorization.
Section 803.303SectionYouth agency; powers and duties.
Section 803.304SectionYouth agency; additional powers and duties.
Section 803.305SectionCost of public ward's care; prospective payment system as part of state-administered performance-based child welfare system.
Section 803.306SectionAbsence of public ward from facility or residence; penalty.
Section 803.306aSectionEscape from facility or residence; notification; orders; applicability of subsection (1); “escape” defined.
Section 803.307SectionDuration of public wardship; discharge or release; delayed sentence; sentencing as adult offender.
Section 803.307aSectionChemical testing for DNA identification; samples provided by public ward; collection; transmission to department of state police; manner; consent, hearing, or court hearing not required; disclosure; assessments; “felony” and “sample” defined.
Section 803.308SectionRecords confidential; exceptions.
Section 803.309SectionRepeal; references as referring to department of social services.
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