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Act 150 of 1967
Chapter 1

Section 32.501SectionMichigan military act; short title.
Section 32.503SectionMichigan military act; intent, construction.
Section 32.505SectionDefinitions.
Section 32.507SectionRules and regulations for administration of act; promulgation by adjutant general.
Section 32.509SectionState military establishment; composition; organized and unorganized militia.
Section 32.511SectionState code of military justice; application; jury and posse comitatus duties.
Section 32.513SectionOfficers and enlisted personnel; pay and allowances; appropriations.
Section 32.514SectionAdministrative workday and workweek during active state service or special duty; actual workday and workweek.
Section 32.515SectionSubsistence.
Section 32.516SectionExpired. 1978, Act 567, Eff. Jan. 1, 1982.
Section 32.517SectionPrivilege from arrest and imprisonment; exemption from levy of execution, seizure, or attachment; adjournment of pending lawsuits; forfeitures; seizure or sale of chattels; utility service.
Section 32.519SectionNational guard compensation board; members, appointment and duties.
Section 32.521SectionLine of duty; definition.
Section 32.523SectionLine of duty; construction, presumptions.
Section 32.525SectionDuty; construction.
Section 32.527SectionLeave accrual during active state service or special duty; leave without pay.
Section 32.529SectionOfficers and enlisted personnel; continuation until expiration of term.
Section 32.531SectionOfficers' bonds; force and effect.
Section 32.533SectionRepealed. 2013, Act 99, Imd. Eff. July 2, 2013.
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