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Act 236 of 1961
Chapter 40

Section 600.4001SectionAttachment; ex parte application; service of writ; jurisdiction.
Section 600.4011SectionGarnishment; property or obligation applicable to satisfaction of claim; jurisdiction; state and governmental units as garnishees; ex parte application for writ of garnishment; service; conditions to commencement of garnishment proceeding; immunity of sheriff or other public officer; fee; conveyance of money or property.
Section 600.4012SectionGarnishment of periodic payments; duration; priority; service; duties of plaintiff; entry of default; request for default judgment; duties of court; recovery of amount by garnishee; fee; inapplicability; "periodic payments" defined.
Section 600.4015SectionActions as cause of discipline or discharge of principal defendant from employment; reinstatement; civil action.
Section 600.4021SectionAttachment; venue.
Section 600.4025SectionVenue; garnishment.
Section 600.4027SectionWrit of garnishment; filing; additional garnishee defendants; actions.
Section 600.4031SectionExemptions; attachment and garnishment; partial exemptions.
Section 600.4035SectionAttachment; effect; personalty; realty.
Section 600.4041SectionAttachment on realty; discharge.
Section 600.4045SectionAttachment or garnishment; dissolution by bond.
Section 600.4051SectionFalse answer by garnishee or agent; civil liability.
Section 600.4061SectionGarnishment against state; employees designated to receive process; procedures.
Section 600.4061aSectionInterception of state tax refund or credit.
Section 600.4065SectionEvidence in criminal proceedings; disclosure.
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