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HB 4013 of 2019House BillCivil rights; other; fee for public record search under legislative open records act (LORA); provide for. Amends 1976 PA 442 (MCL 15.231 - 15.246) by adding sec. 54. TIE BAR WITH: HB 4011'19
HB 4017 of 2019House BillTobacco; retail sales; sale of electronic cigarette or any oral device that provides vapor nicotine to minors; prohibit. Amends title and secs. 1, 2 & 4 of 1915 PA 31 (MCL 722.641 et seq.).
Last Action: 01/10/2019 - bill electronically reproduced 01/09/2019
HB 4018 of 2019House BillNatural resources; fishing; illegal taking of sturgeon; revise penalty for. Amends sec. 48738 of 1994 PA 451 (MCL 324.48738).
Last Action: 06/18/2019 - referred to second reading
HB 4030 of 2019House BillTownships; financing; creation of special assessment districts; allow under certain circumstances. Amends sec. 2 of 1972 PA 139 (MCL 247.392).
Last Action: 01/15/2019 - bill electronically reproduced 01/10/2019
HB 4233 of 2019House BillAppropriations; zero budget; department of environmental quality; provide for fiscal year 2019-2020. Creates appropriation act.
HB 4241 of 2019House BillAppropriations; zero budget; department of natural resources; provide for fiscal year 2019-2020. Creates appropriation act.
Last Action: 06/18/2019 - laid over one day under the rules
HB 4349 of 2019House BillHighways; memorial; portion of US-23 in Iosco County; designate as the "Peter C. Lemon Highway". Amends 2001 PA 142 (MCL 250.1001 - 250.2081) by adding sec. 42b.
Last Action: 03/14/2019 - bill electronically reproduced 03/13/2019
HB 4389 of 2019House BillEnvironmental protection; hazardous products; firefighting foam containing PFAS; require reports on use of and require department of environmental quality to accept for disposal. Amends heading of subpt. 1 of pt. 147 of 1994 PA 451 (MCL 324.101 - 324.90106) & adds secs. 14701, 14703, 14705 & 14707.
Last Action: 06/11/2019 - referred to Committee on Ways and Means, with substitute H-1
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