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Act 345 of 2016
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Act 345 of 2016

AN ACT to regulate transportation network companies, taxicabs, and certain limousines in this state; to provide for the powers and duties of certain state officers and entities; to prescribe penalties and provide remedies; and to repeal acts and parts of acts.

History: 2016, Act 345, Eff. Mar. 21, 2017

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 257.2101SectionShort title.
Section 257.2102SectionDefinitions.
Section 257.2103SectionRules.
Section 257.2104SectionLimousine carrier, taxicab carrier, or transportation network company; registration required; fees; application; expiration; renewal; records; audit; public record; exception; application as void; cessation of fees.
Section 257.2105SectionDisclosure of information.
Section 257.2107SectionOperation of limousine or taxicab on behalf of carrier or company; application; submission; requirements; duties of carrier or company; operation prohibited; conditions; records subject to audit.
Section 257.2109SectionVehicle safety inspection.
Section 257.2111SectionSignage, emblem, or department of licensing and regulatory affairs registration number.
Section 257.2113SectionRecords.
Section 257.2115SectionImposition of tax, fee, or license by local unit of government; validity of existing article of incorporation; applicability of subsection.
Section 257.2116SectionEnactment of ordinances and regulations by airport; "airport" defined.
Section 257.2117SectionSummary suspension of registration.
Section 257.2119SectionLimousine carrier; insurance coverage.
Section 257.2121SectionTaxicab carrier; insurance coverage.
Section 257.2123SectionTransportation network company driver or transportation network company on driver's behalf; automobile insurance.
Section 257.2125SectionTerms of service; disclosure by transportation network company to prospective driver.
Section 257.2127SectionCarrier or company as common, motor, or contract carrier; registration of personal vehicle as commercial or for-hire vehicle not required; "motor carrier" defined.
Section 257.2129SectionService of process; agent.
Section 257.2131SectionCharging and collecting fee on behalf of transportation network company driver; conditions.
Section 257.2133SectionDisplay of picture and registration plate number by transportation network digital network.
Section 257.2135SectionElectronic receipt; information.
Section 257.2137SectionTransportation network company driver as independent contractor; conditions.
Section 257.2139SectionZero-tolerance policy.
Section 257.2141SectionAcceptance of transportation request.
Section 257.2143SectionPayments for transportation.
Section 257.2145SectionNondiscrimination; accommodation of service animals; services to passenger with physical disability.
Section 257.2147SectionLease of limousine or taxicab; informing person of act requirements.
Section 257.2149SectionCertain conduct as misdemeanor; fine; proceeding.
Section 257.2151SectionViolation of act or rules.
Section 257.2153SectionCease and desist order.
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