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House: Adjourned until Wednesday, October 21, 2020 10:00:00 AM
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Committee Meeting
Meetings by bodies of elected members delegated by the House or Senate to consider and make recommendations concerning disposition of bills, resolutions, and other related matters referred to them. Committees are appointed by the Speaker of the House or the Senate Majority Leader and are organized according to subject matter.

Committee(s) Health Policy
ChairRep. Hank Vaupel
Clerk NameMelissa Sweet
Clerk Phone517.373.5176
LocationRoom 352, House Appropriations, State Capitol Building, Lansing, MI
DateThursday, 9/24/2020
Time8:30 AM
Time Notes
AgendaHB 5408 (Rep. Abdullah Hammoud) Human services: medical services; certain Medicaid reimbursement for treatment of alcohol use disorder; provide for.

HB 5937 (Rep. Hank Vaupel) Health: pharmaceuticals; annual report on certain costs associated with prescription drugs; require manufacturers of prescription drugs to file.

HB 5938 (Rep. Frank Liberati) Insurance: third party administrators; requirement for pharmacy benefit managers to be licensed in Michigan; provide for.

HB 5939 (Rep. Hank Vaupel) Insurance: health benefits; formulary changes during a plan year; regulate.

HB 5940 (Rep. Douglas Wozniak) Health: pharmaceuticals; distribution of gifts or other inducements by drug manufacturers or wholesale distributors to a health care provider; prohibit and require drug manufacturers and wholesale distributors to provide certain information to the board of pharmacy.

HB 5941 (Rep. Jason Wentworth) Insurance: third party administrators; definition and regulation of a pharmacy benefit manager; provide for, and regulate certain actions by a carrier relating to prescriptions drugs.

HB 5942 (Rep. Bronna Kahle) Health occupations: pharmacists; disclosure of prescription drug prices to consumers; allow, and prohibit pharmacies and pharmacists from entering into certain contracts.

HB 5943 (Rep. Tyrone Carter) Health: pharmaceuticals; health care false claim act; modify exemption from criminal liability to exclude manufacturers of prescription drugs from providing discounts under certain circumstances.

HB 5944 (Rep. Ben Frederick) Insurance: health benefits; application of amount paid by the insured or other certain parties when calculating the insured's co-pay for a prescription drug; require under certain conditions.

HB 5945 (Rep. Brad Paquette) Health facilities: hospitals; charge description master; require hospitals to post online.

HB 6195 (Rep. Hank Vaupel) Health occupations: veterinarians; veterinarian-client-patient relationship; require and provide for other amendments to the regulation of veterinary medicine.

SB 669 (Sen. Curtis S. VanderWall) Health facilities: certificate of need; requirements to obtain a certificate of need for covered capital expenditures; eliminate.

SB 671 (Sen. Lana Theis) Health facilities: certificate of need; certificate of need commission; modify members, and modify members of advisory committees appointed by the commission.

SB 672 (Sen. Curtis S. VanderWall) Health facilities: certificate of need; requirement to obtain a certificate of need for increase in psychiatric beds and certain specialized psychiatric program; eliminate.

SB 673 (Sen. Curtis S. VanderWall) Mental health: other; accepting public patients as a condition of licensing for psychiatric hospitals and psychiatric units; require.

SB 674 (Sen. Michael D. MacDonald) Health facilities: certificate of need; requirement to obtain a certificate of need for air ambulance; eliminate.

Please see the House Committee Protocol pertaining to COVID-19:

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In the spirit of compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), individuals with a disability should feel free to contact the Committee Clerk's Office by phone [(517) 373-0015] or by TDD [(517) 373-0543] if requesting special services to effectively participate in the meeting

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