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Section 722.1565

Act 434 of 2018

722.1565 Execution of power attorney does not constitute abuse or neglect; services under this act by resource family not subject to licensing or regulation by the department.

Sec. 15.

  (1) A parent or guardian executing a power of attorney does not, by itself, constitute evidence of abandonment, child abuse, child neglect, delinquency, or other maltreatment of a minor child unless the parent or guardian fails to take custody of the minor child when a power of attorney expires. This act does not prevent or delay an investigation of child abuse, child neglect, abandonment, delinquency, or other mistreatment of a minor child.
  (2) Executing a power of attorney does not subject a parent, guardian, or person in a home in which a minor child is hosted under this act to any law, rule, or regulation concerning licensing or regulation of foster care or a child care organization. Providing a service under this act does not subject a family service agency to regulation by the department.

History: 2018, Act 434, Eff. Mar. 20, 2019

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