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Act 261 of 1947
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Act 261 of 1947

AN ACT to authorize the board of supervisors in each of the counties of this state, now or hereafter having a population of 1,000,000 or more, to provide for and fix the compensation and prescribe the powers and duties of certain officers and employees of such county; and to provide for the deposit of funds by all county officers and officials with the county treasurer.

History: 1947, Act 261, Eff. Oct. 11, 1947 ;-- Am. 1949, Act 17, Eff. Sept. 23, 1949 ;-- Am. 1955, Act 24, Imd. Eff. Apr. 7, 1955

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The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 45.451SectionSalaries of county officers of county having population of 1,000,000 or more; determination; fees or commissions payable to county; change in compensation.
Section 45.452SectionCounty officers; additional compensation for new duties prohibited.
Section 45.453SectionCounty officers; fees collected, payment to county treasurer, statement.
Section 45.454SectionCounty officers; record books and accounting forms for uniform system of accounts; audit of accounts; rules and regulations of board of county auditors for deposit and disbursement of funds; duties of county treasurer.
Section 45.455SectionIncumbent county officers; salaries and fees.
Section 45.456SectionViolation of act; penalty.
Section 45.457SectionRepeals.
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