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HB 4146 of 2021House BillVehicles: registration plates; penalties for invalid or improper registration plates; modify. Amends sec. 255 of 1949 PA 300 (MCL 257.255). TIE BAR WITH: HB 4153'21
Last Action: 02/09/2021 - bill electronically reproduced 02/04/2021
HB 4168 of 2021House BillPublic employees and officers: ethics; former members of the legislature; prohibit from engaging in certain lobbying activities for a period of time. Amends sec. 6a of 1978 PA 472 (MCL 4.416a).
Last Action: 02/10/2021 - bill electronically reproduced 02/09/2021
HB 4212 of 2021House BillCriminal procedure: sentencing guidelines; sentencing guidelines for disarming a law enforcement officer of a firearm if accomplished by force or if law enforcement officer is injured; provide for. Amends sec. 16x, ch. XVII of 1927 PA 175 (MCL 777.16x). TIE BAR WITH: HB 4211'21
HB 4217 of 2021House BillCriminal procedure: DNA; reference to certain prostitution-related offenses in probate code; modify. Amends sec. 18k, ch. XIIA of 1939 PA288 (MCL 712A.18k). TIE BAR WITH: HB 4215'21
Last Action: 02/16/2021 - bill electronically reproduced 02/11/2021
HB 4223 of 2021House BillCourts: judges; procedure for certain circuit court judges to sit as judges of the court of claims; establish. Amends secs. 6410 & 6413 of 1961 PA 236 (MCL 600.6410 & 600.6413). TIE BAR WITH: HB 4222'21
HB 4245 of 2021House BillCriminal procedure: probation; probation for certain major controlled substances offenses; allow. Amends sec. 1, ch. XI of 1927 PA 175 (MCL 771.1). TIE BAR WITH: HB 4243'21
HB 4323 of 2021House BillPublic employees and officers: ethics; financial disclosure report; require state representatives to file. Creates new act.
Last Action: 02/25/2021 - bill electronically reproduced 02/24/2021
HB 4423 of 2021House BillEconomic development: other; definition of qualified city; modify. Amends sec. 3 of 2003 PA 258 (MCL 124.753).
Last Action: 01/27/2022 - placed on third reading
HB 4488 of 2021House BillCorrections: prisoners; good time system; restore for all prisoners, and eliminate disciplinary credits and disciplinary time. Amends secs. 20g, 33, 34, 34a, 35, 36, 51, 65 & 65a of 1953 PA 232 (MCL 791.220g et. seq.) & repeals secs. 33b & 33c of 1953 PA 232 (MCL 791.233b & 791.233c). TIE BAR WITH: HB 4489'21, HB 4487'21
Last Action: 03/11/2021 - bill electronically reproduced 03/10/2021
HB 4804 of 2021House BillTransportation: other; electric vehicle charging station; allow construction and maintenance of at rest areas or travel information centers. Amends sec. 2 of 1941 PA 205 (MCL 252.52).
Last Action: 05/11/2021 - bill electronically reproduced 05/06/2021
HB 4877 of 2021House BillCrimes: other; lewd and lascivious cohabitation; repeal prohibition. Amends sec. 335 of 1931 PA 328 (MCL 750.335).
Last Action: 05/20/2021 - bill electronically reproduced 05/19/2021
HB 5075 of 2021House BillHealth facilities: certificate of need; joint legislative committee; require to conduct certain review. Amends sec. 22219 of 1978 PA 368 (MCL 333.22219).
HB 5211 of 2021House BillIndividual income tax: city; certain references in the city income act; make gender neutral. Amends sec. 41 of 1964 PA 284 (MCL 141.641). TIE BAR WITH: HJR J'21
Last Action: 07/14/2021 - bill electronically reproduced 07/01/2021
HB 5275 of 2021
(PA 64 of 2022)
House BillChildren: child abuse or child neglect; statewide electronic case management system for child abuse and child neglect cases; create and maintain. Amends sec. 7j of 1975 PA 238 (MCL 722.627j).
Last Action: 05/05/2022 - assigned PA 64'22 with immediate effect
HB 5440 of 2021House BillCriminal procedure: bail; requirements for the use of a pretrial risk assessment tool by a court making bail decision; create. Amends 1927 PA 175 (MCL 760.1 - 7677.69) by adding sec. 6f, ch. V.
Last Action: 10/21/2021 - bill electronically reproduced 10/20/2021
HB 5454 of 2021House BillCriminal procedure: sentencing guidelines; scoring of offense variable; allow modifications based on offender mediation. Amends sec. 22, ch. XVII of 1927 PA 175 (MCL 777.22) & adds sec. 49j to ch. XVII.
Last Action: 10/26/2021 - bill electronically reproduced 10/21/2021
HB 5483 of 2021House BillCourts: other; eligibility for mental health court participants; modify. Amends sec. 1093 of 1961 PA 236 (MCL 600.1093).
Last Action: 10/28/2021 - bill electronically reproduced 10/27/2021
HB 5591 of 2021House BillAppropriations: supplemental; secondary road patrol; provide for. Creates appropriation act.
Last Action: 12/02/2021 - bill electronically reproduced 12/01/2021
HB 5592 of 2021House BillCourts: judges; probate judgeships; increase in number. Amends sec. 803 of 1961 PA 236 (MCL 600.803).
Last Action: 12/02/2021 - bill electronically reproduced 12/01/2021
HR 0224 of 2022House ResolutionA resolution to create the House Select Committee on Ethics.
Last Action: 09/21/2022 - motion to discharge committee postponed for day
HR 0246 of 2022House ResolutionA resolution to urge the United States Department of the Interior to approve the petition of the Grand River Bands of Ottawa Indians for federal acknowledgment.
Last Action: 03/03/2022 - referred to Committee on Government Operations
HR 0361 of 2022House ResolutionA resolution to declare November 2022 as Childhood Grief Awareness Month in the state of Michigan.
Last Action: 11/10/2022 - adopted
HB 5767 of 2022House BillCriminal procedure: evidence; admissibility of evidence of a defendant's past actions involving grooming of the alleged victim for the purpose of demonstrating lack of consent; provide for. Amends 1927 PA 175 (MCL 760.1 - 777.69) by adding sec. 27d to ch. VIII.
Last Action: 02/22/2022 - bill electronically reproduced 02/17/2022
HB 5843 of 2022House BillInsurance: health insurers; compliance with the prescription drug cost and affordability review act; require. Amends 1956 PA 218 (MCL 500.100 - 500.8302) by adding sec. 3406x.
Last Action: 03/01/2022 - bill electronically reproduced 02/24/2022
HB 5912 of 2022House BillCriminal procedure: expunction; time period after certain events applicant must wait to petition to set aside a conviction; modify. Amends sec. 1d 1965 PA 213 (MCL 780.621d).
Last Action: 03/17/2022 - bill electronically reproduced 03/17/2022
HB 5942 of 2022House BillCorrections: parole; parole of certain juvenile offenders; provide for under certain circumstances. Amends sec. 34 of 1953 PA 232 (MCL 791.234). TIE BAR WITH: HB 5941'22, HB 5943'22, HB 5944'22
Last Action: 03/23/2022 - bill electronically reproduced 03/22/2022
HB 5987 of 2022House BillCrime victims: other; restorative justice practices enabling act; create. Creates new act.
Last Action: 04/13/2022 - bill electronically reproduced 04/12/2022
HB 6110 of 2022House BillLegislature: other; impact statement based on race and ethnicity if a bill proposes to create a new crime; require for house fiscal analysis. Amends sec. 602 of 1986 PA 268 (MCL 4.1602).
Last Action: 05/19/2022 - bill electronically reproduced 05/18/2022
HB 6131 of 2022House BillIndividual income tax: credit; Michigan tuition reimbursement credit; create. Amends 1967 PA 281 (MCL 206.1 - 206.847) by adding secs. 277 & 677.
Last Action: 05/25/2022 - bill electronically reproduced 05/24/2022
HB 6153 of 2022House BillLabor: hours and wages; certain employers; require to double hourly wages on certain holidays. Amends sec. 4a of 2018 PA 337 (MCL 408.934a).
Last Action: 06/02/2022 - bill electronically reproduced 06/01/2022
HB 6235 of 2022House BillProperty: land sales; environmental inspections; require at time of sale for commercial properties. Creates new act.
Last Action: 06/21/2022 - bill electronically reproduced 06/21/2022
HB 6291 of 2022House BillCriminal procedure: evidence; consideration of videorecorded statements in certain proceedings; allow. Amends sec. 2163a of 1961 PA 236 (MCL 600.2163a). TIE BAR WITH: SB 1130'22, HB 6292'22
Last Action: 07/20/2022 - bill electronically reproduced 06/30/2022
HB 6435 of 2022House BillHigher education: financial aid; student loan forgiveness for certain individuals who relocate to certain areas; provide for. Creates new act.
Last Action: 10/11/2022 - bill electronically reproduced 10/11/2022
HB 6436 of 2022House BillCampaign finance: statements and reports; certain reporting requirements for 501(c)(4) organizations; establish. Amends 1973 PA 196 (MCL 15.341 - 15.348) by adding sec. 2f.
Last Action: 10/11/2022 - bill electronically reproduced 10/11/2022
HB 6437 of 2022House BillCriminal procedure: mental capacity; psychological evaluations for defendants ordered by judges; allow. Amends 1927 PA 175 (MCL 760.1 - 777.69) by adding sec. 1m to ch. IX.
Last Action: 10/11/2022 - bill electronically reproduced 10/11/2022
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