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Committee Home Page: Local Government
Chair: Dale W. Zorn
Clerk Phone: 5173735314
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Bills currently in committee.
HB 4030 of 2019
Local Government
Allor, SueTownships; financing; creation of special assessment districts; allow under certain circumstances. Amends sec. 2 of 1972 PA 139 (MCL 247.392).
HB 5008 of 2019
Local Government
Lower, JamesCorrections; state facilities; requirement to post diagrams of exit routes in areas where prisoners have access; prohibit. Amends 1953 PA 232 (MCL 791.201 - 791.285) by adding sec. 63b.
HB 5197 of 2019
Local Government
Maddock, MattLocal government; other; electronic or digital retention of construction documents; authorize, and allow for disposal of original construction documents. Amends 1992 PA 116 (MCL 24.401 - 24.406) by adding sec. 2a. TIE BAR WITH: HB 5198'19
HB 5198 of 2019
Local Government
Maddock, MattCrimes; other; disposal of certain construction documents; clarify. Amends sec. 491 of 1931 PA 328 (MCL 750.491). TIE BAR WITH: HB 5197'19
SB 0062 of 2019
Local Government
Victory, RogerLibraries; policies and practices; reestablishment of free public libraries; provide for in certain circumstances. Amends sec. 13a of 1947 PA 359 (MCL 42.13a).
SB 0185 of 2019
Local Government
Stamas, JimDrains; maintenance and improvement; frequency of maintenance; limit based on period since most recent maintenance assessment. Amends secs. 196 & 201 of 1956 PA 40 (MCL 280.196 & 280.201).
SB 0227 of 2019
Local Government
MacGregor, PeterTownships; public services; improvements authorized; expand to include prevention of and signage regarding aquatic invasive species. Amends sec. 2 of 1954 PA 188 (MCL 41.722).
SB 0271 of 2019
Local Government
Hollier, AdamLocal government; water and sewer; municipality billing requirements for water or sewerage service; provide for, require municipalities to adopt a written dispute resolution process for disputed water or sewerage service bills, and require municipalities to monitor for customer water leaks. Amends title & sec. 6 of 1939 PA 178 (MCL 123.166) & adds secs. 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d & 1e.
SB 0504 of 2019
Local Government
McBroom, EdCounties; charter; county board of commissioners; provide for 4-year terms. Amends sec. 14 of 1966 PA 293 (MCL 45.514). TIE BAR WITH: SB 0505'19
SB 0505 of 2019
Local Government
McBroom, EdCounties; boards and commissions; county board of commissioners; provide for 4-year terms. Amends secs. 10 & 12 of 1966 PA 261 (MCL 46.410 & 46.412).
SB 0608 of 2019
Local Government
Zorn, DaleHousing; landlord and tenants; early lease termination due to misrepresentation of emotional support animal; provide for. Amends secs. 5714 & 5775 of 1961 PA 236 (MCL 600.5714 & 600.5775). TIE BAR WITH: SB 0610'19
SB 0609 of 2019
Local Government
Zorn, DaleAnimals; other; definition of service animal; clarify to exclude emotional support animals. Amends sec. 502c of 1931 PA 328 (MCL 750.502c).
SB 0610 of 2019
Local Government
Zorn, DaleAnimals; other; prescription of and requests for reasonable accommodation for emotional support animals; regulate. Creates new act. TIE BAR WITH: SB 0608'19
SB 0687 of 2019
Local Government
Irwin, JeffCivil rights; housing discrimination; prohibition for landlords to discriminate against renters based on source of income; provide for. Amends title & sec. 502 of 1976 PA 453 (MCL 37.2502).
SB 0719 of 2020
Local Government
Lucido, PeterLocal government; other; elected officials to place constituent services information in certain local government offices; allow. Creates new act.
SB 0818 of 2020
Local Government
Zorn, DaleTraffic control; traffic regulation; authorized agent of county road commission; allow to carry firearm under certain circumstances. Amends sec. 726c of 1949 PA 300 (MCL 257.726c).

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