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NOTE: Dates reflect any modification to item, not necessarily a change in law.

Act 224 of 1966 - RETAIL INSTALLMENT SALES ACT (445.851 - 445.873)
Section 445.851 ‑ Retail installment sales act; short title.
Section 445.851a ‑ Truth in lending act; effect of compliance.
Section 445.852 ‑ Definitions.
Section 445.853 ‑ Retail installment contract; requirements; size; notice to buyer; delivery of copy; nondelivery; provisions; contents of contract; transaction involving vehicle; terms; statement that seller retains security interest.
Section 445.854 ‑ Retail installment contracts; single document not required; sales slip, account book, other written statements.
Section 445.855 ‑ Transactions negotiated and entered into by mail or telephone; applicable provisions of act; memorandum.
Section 445.856 ‑ Retail installment contracts; blank space; filling.
Section 445.857 ‑ Time price differential; limitation; computation; minimum time price differential.
Section 445.858 ‑ Prepayment of unpaid balance; amount of refund credit.
Section 445.859 ‑ Installment contract or retail charge agreement; delinquency and collection charge.
Section 445.860 ‑ Retail installment contracts; statement of dates, payments and unpaid balances; receipt.
Section 445.861 ‑ Retail installment transactions; subsequent purchases; previous contracts; inclusion and consolidation; new schedule of installment payments.
Section 445.862 ‑ Retail charge agreement; delivery of copy to buyer; acknowledgment; blank spaces; statement of time price differential; notice to buyer; periodic statement; computation of time price differential; adjustment of charges; attorney's fee and court costs.
Section 445.862a ‑ Submission of invoice evidencing credit card sale.
Section 445.863 ‑ Retail installment contracts or charge agreements; insurance included in cost; requirements; minimum charges; refunds.
Section 445.864 ‑ Retail installment contracts or charge agreements; prohibited provisions; denial of application based on geographic location of residence prohibited; permissible conduct; exemption; contract for financial services not required; offer of combination of services not precluded by subsection (5).
Section 445.865 ‑ Purchase or acquisition of retail installment contract or retail charge agreement by assignee; terms, conditions, and price; evidence of obligation; validity of written assignment; notice; payment to last known holder; claims and defenses; sales to which section applicable.
Section 445.865a ‑ Contracts, agreements, or other transactions considered made in state; offer or agreement to sell in state; acceptance or offer to buy in state.
Section 445.866 ‑ Waiver of act as to buyers' protection prohibited.
Section 445.867 ‑ Violation of act; misdemeanor.
Section 445.868 ‑ Violation of act; effect as to recovery rights of seller.
Section 445.869 ‑ Violation of act; actions; penalties.
Section 445.870 ‑ Violation of act; assurance of discontinuance; acceptance by attorney general, approval of circuit court.
Section 445.871 ‑ Violation of order of circuit court; civil penalty.
Section 445.871a ‑ Compliance with federal truth-in-lending act; violation as unintentional and bona fide error; burden of proof.
Section 445.872 ‑ Effect of act as to prior contracts.
Section 445.873 ‑ Time price differential consisting of interest on amount of unpaid principal balance of contract; modifications.

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