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Act 248 of 1879
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Act 248 of 1879

AN ACT to prevent animals from running at large in certain cities and villages within this state.

History: 1879, Act 248, Eff. Aug. 30, 1879

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The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 433.51SectionAnimals running at large in certain cities and villages; seizure by officers.
Section 433.52SectionPounds; pound masters, appointments, duties; right to seize and impound animals.
Section 433.53SectionKeeping animal after seizure; complaint against owner; summons; show cause hearing; sale of animal; costs and damages; disposition of surplus.
Section 433.54SectionDemand and claim by owner of seized or impounded animal; payment of fees, expenses, and compensation.
Section 433.55SectionPerson wilfully causing animal to run at large; liability to owner.
Section 433.56SectionAppeals.
Section 433.57SectionAnimals impounded; feeding; record, contents, inspection.
Section 433.58SectionReplevin.
Section 433.61SectionProvisions governing.
Section 433.62SectionCity attorney; duty.
Section 433.63SectionAuthority under MCL 433.14a not limited; swine running as public nuisance.
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