House Bill 4434 (Substitute S-1 as reported)
Sponsor: Representative Scott Hummel
House Committee: Health Policy
Senate Committee: Health Policy

The bill would amend the Public Health Code to provide that pharmacies that shared a real-time, on-line database or other equivalent means of communication, or pharmacies that transferred prescriptions pursuant to a written contract for centralized prescription processing services would not have to follow the procedure established in the Code to refill a copy of a prescription from another pharmacy.

The bill is tie-barred to Senate Bill 352, which would allow a pharmacy to perform centralized prescription processing services or outsource those service to another pharmacy if certain conditions were met.

MCL 333.17752 et al. Legislative Analyst: Julie Koval

Pharmacies making use of an online database or a centralized prescription processing service for the transfer of prescriptions likely would see a reduction in administrative cost. This could lead to moderate indeterminate cost savings to the State for prescriptions filled for Medicaid fee-for-service recipients, people insured through State employee health plans, and individuals treated at State-run medical facilities.

Date Completed: 5-5-05 Fiscal Analyst: David Fosdick

Analysis was prepared by nonpartisan Senate staff for use by the Senate in its deliberations and does not constitute an official statement of legislative intent. hb4434/0506