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Senate Bill 640 (Substitute S-2 as passed by the Senate)
Sponsor: Senator Roger Kahn, M.D.
Committee: Government Operations

Date Completed: 12-7-11

The bill would amend Public Act 209 of 1911, which prescribes the design of the State flag and coat-of-arms, to prohibit the State, an agency of the State, or a local unit of government from purchasing a flag of the United States or a State flag of Michigan for either of the following purposes, unless the flag had been manufactured in the United States:

-- Display upon a building or property owned, entirely leased, or operated by the State or a local unit of government.
-- Resale by an agency of the State or a local unit of government.

The bill would define "local unit of government" as a county, township, city, or village, or a school district, intermediate school district, or public school academy, as defined in the Revised School Code.

Proposed MCL 2.22a Legislative Analyst: Suzanne Lowe

The bill would have an indeterminate, minimal impact. The Legislative Council, Supreme Court, Department of Technology, Management, and Budget, Department of Military Affairs, Department of Natural Resources, Department of State Police, and Department of Transportation all report that the flags that they purchase are manufactured in the United States. Flags currently purchased by the State range in price from $13.95 to $65.98, depending on the size of the flag. There are no statewide data regarding the source of flags purchased by local units of government. To the extent that the bill could result in the purchase of flags that are not the lowest cost, the State and local units of government would incur additional expenses.

Fiscal Analyst: Bill Bowerman Joe Carrasco

Analysis was prepared by nonpartisan Senate staff for use by the Senate in its deliberations and does not constitute an official statement of legislative intent. sb640/1112