September 27, 2017, Introduced by Senators MACGREGOR, BRANDENBURG, HILDENBRAND and SCHMIDT and referred to the Committee on Transportation.




     A bill to amend 1997 PA 55, entitled


"Electric patrol vehicle act,"


by amending sections 2, 4, and 5 (MCL 257.1572, 257.1574, and






     Sec. 2. As used in this act:


     (a) "Electric patrol vehicle" means an electrically powered


motor vehicle designed to carry not more than 4 persons, at a speed


of not more than 25 miles per hour, having not less than 4 2 or 3


wheels and having an unloaded weight of not more than 1,300 pounds.


     (b) "Political subdivision" means a village, city, township,


county, or a university of this state.


     (c) "Sidewalk" means a paved public sidewalk intended for


pedestrian use situated outside of and adjacent to the improved

portion of a street or highway designed for vehicular travel.


     Sec. 4. Subject to section 5, a political subdivision may, by


ordinance, authorize law enforcement, emergency service, and


parking enforcement employees of the political subdivision to


operate an electric patrol vehicle on a street, or highway, or


sidewalk within that political subdivision's boundaries.


     Sec. 5. An electric patrol vehicle authorized under section 4


shall be limited as follows:


     (a) To a street or highway with a posted speed limit of not


more than 25 miles per hour.


     (b) To crossing a street or highway with a posted speed limit


of not more than 50 miles per hour.


     (c) To a sidewalk.


     Enacting section 1. This amendatory act takes effect 90 days


after the date it is enacted into law.