September 01, 2020, Introduced by Reps. Coleman, Love, Cynthia Neeley, Bolden, Cynthia Johnson, Peterson, Witwer, Pohutsky, Stone, Hood, Koleszar, Ellison, Sabo, Hertel, Sowerby, Yaroch, Tate, Clemente, Haadsma, Gay-Dagnogo, Yancey, Garrett, Rabhi, Brenda Carter, Tyrone Carter and Inman and referred to the Committee on Families, Children, and Seniors.

A bill to amend 1979 PA 218, entitled

"Adult foster care facility licensing act,"

by amending section 27 (MCL 400.727).

the people of the state of michigan enact:

Sec. 27. (1) A licensee operating an adult foster care congregate facility shall must conspicuously post all of the following in an area of the facility accessible to residents, employees, and visitors:

(a) A current license.

(b) A complete copy of the most recent inspection report of the facility received from the department.

(c) A description, provided by the department, of the complaint procedures procedure established under this act and the name, address, and telephone number of a person authorized by the department to receive complaints.that includes all of the following:

(i) The electronic mail address to which complaints may be sent to the department.

(ii) The toll-free number on which complaints may be called in to the department.

(iii) The website address maintained by the department at which complaints may be made online.

(iv) The name, address, telephone number, and electronic mail address of the long-term care ombudsman program and information that the long-term care ombudsman program provides free and confidential assistance.

(d) A complete list of materials available for public inspection which that the facility is required to retain under subsection (2).

(2) A licensee operating an adult foster care congregate facility shall must retain all of the following for public inspection:

(a) A complete copy of each inspection report of the facility received from the department during the past 5 years.

(b) A description of the services provided by the facility and the rates charged for those services and items for which a resident may be separately charged.

(c) A list of the name, address, and official position of each person having an ownership interest in the facility as required by section 13(4).

(d) A list of personnel employed or retained by the facility.