SR43, As Adopted by Senate, May 1, 2019



            Senator VanderWall offered the following resolution:

            Senate Resolution No. 43.

            A resolution to recognize May 2019 as Mental Health Awareness Month.     

Whereas, The month of May has been designated as Mental Health Awareness Month by Mental Health for America and its affiliates since 1949; and

Whereas, Tens of thousands of Michigan citizens are afflicted with a diagnosable mental, behavioral, or emotional disorder at any given moment. Services under the mental health code include assistance for conditions such as anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, eating disorders and depression, and for addictive behaviors; and

            Whereas, The people of Michigan who are living with a mental health illness or addiction continue to require support and professional assistance in order to improve their quality of living and return to an independent, healthy, and fulfilling life; and

            Whereas, In any given year, 336,000 adults in Michigan will have a serious mental illness and 56 percent of these adults will receive no treatment for their illness; and

            Whereas, Mental illness can affect anyone, regardless of age. In our state, 84,000 adolescents will experience a major depressive episode a year; and

            Whereas, There are 526,000 adults who experience heavy alcohol abuse in any given month and 205,000 individuals, from the ages of 12 or older, who will experience an illicit drug dependence a year. Further, 91 percent of adults with heavy alcohol abuse and 81 percent of individuals with an illicit drug dependence will forgo treatment for their addiction; and

            Whereas, By ignoring the illnesses of our fellow citizens, it will only further stigmatize those who suffer from a mental, behavioral, or emotional disorder. If we leave those members behind, it will only harm our community; and

            Whereas, Michigan and the United States need to continue to reduce the stigmatization of mental illness and lend our support to those who are living with mental health disorders and addictions so they can seek professional assistance; now, therefore, be it

            Resolved by the Senate, That the members of this legislative body recognize May 2019 as Mental Health Awareness Month.