house resolution no.88

Rep. Frederick offered the following resolution:

A resolution to declare May 5-11, 2019, as InfantSee Week in the state of Michigan.

Whereas, The most critical stages of vision development occur in the first year of a child’s life; and

Whereas, Undetected eye and vision problems can lead to permanent vision impairment or loss of life; and

Whereas, One in 10 children is at risk from undiagnosed eye and vision problems; and

Whereas, One in 30 children will be affected by amblyopia, a leading cause of vision loss in people younger than 45 years; and

Whereas, Undetected vision problems can contribute to a decrease in a child’s quality of life and may lead to developmental and behavioral difficulties which impede classroom learning, as well as increase the costs to society; and

Whereas, Early detection of vision problems is the best way to treat and prevent permanent vision impairment; and

Whereas, Member optometrists of the American Optometric Association and The Vision Care Institute of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc., have partnered to create InfantSee, a public health program to provide a one-time, no-cost eye assessment for infants six to twelve months; now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the House of Representatives, That the members of this legislative body declare May 5-11, 2019, as InfantSee Week in the state of Michigan. We commend the members of the Michigan Optometric Association and the profession of optometry for voluntarily dedicating their expertise and services to the infants of Michigan through the InfantSee program; and be it further

Resolved, That we encourage parents to schedule an InfantSee assessment for their infants.