September 22, 2022, Introduced by Reps. Clements, Bezotte, Lasinski, Mueller, Tate, O'Malley and Harris and referred to the Committee on Appropriations.

A bill to amend 1979 PA 94, entitled

"The state school aid act of 1979,"

(MCL 388.1601 to 388.1896) by adding section 97g.

the people of the state of michigan enact:

Sec. 97g. (1) From the federal funding appropriated under section 11, there is allocated for 2022-2023 an amount not to exceed $238,000,000.00 from the federal funding awarded to this state from the coronavirus state fiscal recovery fund under the American rescue plan act of 2021, title IX, subtitle M of Public Law 117-2, to an eligible nonprofit organization for the purposes described in this section.

(2) To receive funding under this section, an eligible nonprofit organization must apply for the funding in a form and manner prescribed by the department of treasury.

(3) Subject to subsections (5) and (6), an eligible nonprofit organization that receives funding under this section shall coordinate with districts, intermediate districts, and nonpublic schools and shall use the funding for either or both of the following purposes in buildings operated by districts, intermediate districts, or nonpublic schools:

(a) To contract with an eligible vendor for the implementation of a firearms detection software that integrates to existing security cameras to detect and alert school personnel and first responders to visible firearms on school property and the use of the services provided through the center described in subsection (8)(b)(i). Both of the following requirements apply with regard to the software described in this subdivision:

(i) It must be organically developed and proprietary to the eligible vendor it is purchased from and should not include any third-party or open-source data.

(ii) It must be qualified anti-terrorism technology as that term is defined in 48 CFR 50.201.

(b) Costs associated with the installation of other software, servers, and subsequent monitoring needed to effectuate the implementation of the software described in subdivision (a).

(4) The department of treasury shall make the first payment of funding under this section in an amount equal to $1,000,000.00 by not later than 45 days after the effective date of the amendatory act that added this section. After the first payment described in this subsection, payments of funding under this section must be made monthly by the department of treasury on a reimbursement basis, based on expenses submitted to the department of treasury by the eligible nonprofit organization.

(5) Not more than 1.0% of the funds allocated under this section may be used by the eligible nonprofit organization for administrative costs associated with the other permitted uses of the funds as described in this section.

(6) If an eligible nonprofit organization has contracted with a vendor that was initially an eligible vendor but no longer meets the criteria of an eligible vendor, the eligible nonprofit organization shall not utilize any funding obtained under this section for payment to that vendor.

(7) The funds allocated under this section for 2022-2023 are a work project appropriation, and any unexpended funds for 2022-2023 are carried forward into 2023-2024. The purpose of the work project is to continue support of the implementation of the firearms detection software and use of the services of the center as described in this section. The estimated completion date of the work project is September 30, 2026.

(8) As used in this section:

(a) "Eligible nonprofit organization" means a statewide nonprofit organization to which all of the following criteria apply:

(i) It represents a consortium of districts in urban areas that is engaged in providing educational and risk management services to districts across this state.

(ii) It contracts with an eligible vendor for the implementation of the firearms detection software as described in subsection (3)(a).

(b) "Eligible vendor" means a vendor to which both of the following criteria apply:

(i) In the contract described in subdivision (a)(ii), it pledges to establish and operate a center in this state that meets both of the following criteria:

(A) It is operational 24 hours of each day, 7 days of each week, and each day of each year.

(B) It is capable of directly informing schools, law enforcement agencies, and state emergency services in the coordination of an effective response to a school-shooting event.

(ii) Beginning on the effective date of the amendatory act that added this section, the eligible vendor has not ceased or paused operations of a center described in subparagraph (i).