house resolution no.317

Reps. Fink, Carra, Borton, Roth, Beeler, O'Malley, Bellino, Whiteford, VanWoerkom, Wakeman, Posthumus, Mueller, Hall, Paquette, Steven Johnson, Eisen, Hoitenga, Meerman and Farrington offered the following resolution:

A resolution to condemn recent attacks on crisis pregnancy centers.

Whereas, It is crucial to provide services to women and babies across the country. Many pro-life organizations offer crisis pregnancy centers to help those who have become pregnant and need options that support life; and

Whereas, Crisis pregnancy centers provide services that prevent abortion and promote the value of life. Services may include certain medical services such as ultrasounds and pregnancy tests, education, information about adoption, and pregnancy counseling. Women who turn to these organizations may choose to keep their babies and live happy and fulfilling lives; and

Whereas, Crisis pregnancy centers have been vandalized and destroyed by extreme pro-abortion protestors. While some centers have been vandalized with graffiti, others have been victim to arson and other violent acts. Centers in Seattle, Washington; Denton, Texas; Madison, Wisconsin; Keizer, Oregon; Manassas, Virginia; Reisterstown, Maryland; Washington D.C.; and Buffalo, New York have all become victims of these attacks. Not only do these attacks illegally destroy property, but also risk people’s livelihood and interrupt crucial services; now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the House of Representatives, That we condemn recent attacks on crisis pregnancy centers; and be it further

Resolved, That copies of this resolution be transmitted to the Office of the Attorney General of Michigan and Right to Life of Michigan.