house resolution no.350

Rep. Shannon offered the following resolution:

A resolution to declare October 2022 as Filipino American History Month in the state of Michigan.

Whereas, Michigan is home to more than 32,000 individuals claiming Filipino heritage, who have had a profound and positive impact on this state; and

Whereas, October was the month selected by the Filipino American Historical Society (FANHS) because it was October 1587 in Morro Bay, California, that the first known Filipinos arrived in America; and††

Whereas, Since immigrants from the Philippines first established their roots in Michigan, they have become leaders in every aspect of our communities, enriching our schools, businesses, civic life, and social organizations across the state; and

Whereas, Filipino Americans have contributed greatly to music, dance, literature, journalism, sports, fashion, politics, government, science, technology, the fine arts, and other fields in the U.S. that enrich the landscape of this country; and

Whereas, These contributions reflect a culture which values and prioritizes family and community, which takes pride in hard work and diligence, and which celebrates its collective identity; and

Whereas, It is imperative for Filipino-American youth to have positive role models to instill in them the significance of education, complemented with the richness of their ethnicity and the value of their legacy; and

Whereas, Filipino Americans have also improved our state through their commitment to fostering institutions that have helped to eliminate prejudices and stereotypes and establish the kind of cross-cultural dialogue and understanding that makes our state a diverse and welcoming place for all; and

Whereas, Thanks in no small part to the efforts of Michiganís Filipino Americans, the United States continues to strengthen its relationship with the Filipino American community and to continue to promote the culture, values, history and traditions of the Philippines; now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the House of Representatives, That the members of this legislative body declare October 2022 as Filipino American History Month in the state of Michigan; and be it further

Resolved, That with the declaration of Filipino American History Month, we acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of Filipino Americans, who have greatly enriched Michiganís economy, civic life, and state culture.