senate resolution no.62

Senators Cavanagh, McCann, Klinefelt, Bayer, Chang, Geiss, McMorrow and Shink offered the following resolution:

A resolution to recognize June 23-29, 2023, as Grassroots Week.

Whereas, Grassroots Week is a week to appreciate, highlight, and honor precinct delegates and grassroots leaders throughout the state of Michigan; and

Whereas, A healthy democracy requires participation from every person; and

Whereas, The term “grassroots” refers to movements which mobilize masses to participate in politics; and

Whereas, Grassroots movements are often organized by everyday people rather than elected leaders; and

Whereas, Precinct delegates represent the smallest level of organization in our districting system; and

Whereas, These delegates must be residents of their precinct and act as the link between their community and their elected party; and

Whereas, Precinct delegates are often the principal organizers of grassroots work in their neighborhoods, calling upon their network of connections to move forward a worthy cause; and

Whereas, Delegates commit themselves to many important duties, including registering their neighbors to vote and electing candidates in party conventions, supporting the preferences of their precinct; and

Whereas, Precinct delegates and grassroots organizers deserve recognition for their sacrifice of time, energy, and passion, all of which are essential for building participation in our democracy; now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the Senate, That the members of this legislative body recognize June 23-29, 2023, as Grassroots Week. We salute the service of precinct delegates and grassroots leaders across the state; and be it further

Resolved, That we encourage every Michigan resident to express their gratitude for precinct delegates' active engagement in our democratic process.