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Committee Home Page: Energy and Technology
Chair: Dan Lauwers
Clerk Phone: 5173731721
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All bills ever referred to this committee.
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SB 0046 of 2021Energy and Technology
Nesbitt, AricProperty tax: exemptions; eligible broadband equipment; exempt from personal property tax. Amends 1893 PA 206 (MCL 211.1 - 211. 155) by adding sec. 9p.2021-02-02, 2021-02-09REFERRED 1/26/2021 REPORTED FAVORABLY WITH SUBSTITUTE (S-1)
SB 0103 of 2021 (PA 125 of 2021)Energy and Technology
Schmidt, WaynePublic utilities: electric utilities; rights of electric transmission companies; provide for. Creates new act.2021-02-16, 2021-02-23, 2021-03-09, 2021-09-21, 2021-10-05REFERRED 2/4/2021 REPORTED FAVORABLY WITH SUBSTITUTE (S-2)
SB 0138 of 2021Energy and Technology
Outman, RickNatural resources: other; impact study related to feedstock capacity of renewable natural gas derived from biological materials; provide for. Amends secs. 7 & 9 of 2008 PA 295 (MCL 460.1007 & 460.1009) & adds pt. 9.REFERRED 2/16/2021
SB 0372 of 2021 (PA 69 of 2021)Energy and Technology
Horn, KennethCommunications: telecommunications; requirement for distribution of printed directory; modify. Amends sec. 309 of 1991 PA 179 (MCL 484.2309).2021-05-25REFERRED 4/21/2021 REPORTED FAVORABLY WITHOUT AMENDMENT
SB 0513 of 2021Energy and Technology
Bayer, RosemaryCommunications: other; certain office within the department of labor and economic opportunity; create. Creates new act.REFERRED 6/8/2021
SB 0514 of 2021Energy and Technology
Bayer, RosemaryTownships: public services; townships to create special assessment districts for communications infrastructure including broadband and high-speed internet; allow. Amends secs. 2 & 3 of 1954 PA 188 (MCL 41.722 & 41.723).REFERRED 6/8/2021
SB 0515 of 2021Energy and Technology
Bayer, RosemaryState financing and management: funds; eligibility for connecting Michigan communities grant program; expand. Creates appropriation act & repeals sec. 841, art. 5 of 2020 PA 166.REFERRED 6/8/2021
SB 0516 of 2021Energy and Technology
Polehanki, DaynaCommunications: broadcasting; authorized use of Michigan public safety communications system; eliminate certain restriction. Amends sec. 3 of 1929 PA 152 (MCL 28.283).REFERRED 6/8/2021
SB 0517 of 2021Energy and Technology
Wojno, PaulHuman services: services or financial assistance; coverage of broadband internet expenses to eligible residents; allow. Amends 1939 PA 280 (MCL 400.1 - 400.119b) by adding sec. 57aa.REFERRED 6/8/2021
SB 0518 of 2021Energy and Technology
Geiss, ErikaAppropriations: supplemental; funding to purchase mobile hotspots; provide for. Amends 1979 PA 94 (MCL 388.1601 - 388.1896) by adding sec. 68.REFERRED 6/8/2021
SB 0519 of 2021Energy and Technology
Hollier, AdamAppropriations: supplemental; funding for comprehensive mapping of broadband internet service in Michigan; provide for. Creates appropriation act.REFERRED 6/8/2021
SB 0520 of 2021Energy and Technology
Geiss, ErikaState agencies (existing): technology, management, and budget; department to create resources concerning digital literacy and cyber safety on public website; provide for. Amends 1984 PA 431 (MCL 18.1101 - 18.1594) by adding sec. 290.REFERRED 6/8/2021
SB 0672 of 2021Energy and Technology
Schmidt, WayneTrade: data security; an affirmative defense for covered entities with cybersecurity programs under certain circumstances; provide for. Amends title of 2004 PA 452 (MCL 445.61 - 445.79d) & adds sec. 12c.2022-01-25, 2022-03-01REFERRED 10/5/2021 REPORTED FAVORABLY WITH SUBSTITUTE (S-1)
SB 0695 of 2021Energy and Technology
Victory, RogerPublic utilities: electric utilities; eligibility to purchase electricity from an alternative electric supplier; expand to include eligible industrial customers. Amends sec. 10a of 1939 PA 3 (MCL 460.10a).REFERRED 10/20/2021
SB 0729 of 2021Energy and Technology
Nesbitt, AricProperty tax: exemptions; eligible broadband equipment; exempt from personal property tax. Amends 1893 PA 206 (MCL 211.1 - 211.155) by adding sec. 9q.REFERRED 11/10/2021
SB 0730 of 2021Energy and Technology
Nesbitt, AricProperty tax: utility property; eligible broadband equipment; exempt from certain taxes. Amends 1905 PA 282 (MCL 207.1 - 207.21) by adding sec. 5c. TIE BAR WITH: SB 0729'21REFERRED 11/10/2021
SB 0822 of 2022Energy and Technology
Irwin, JeffPublic utilities: rates; recovery for lost and unaccounted-for natural gas; prohibit. Amends sec. 6a of 1939 PA 3 (MCL 460.6a).REFERRED 1/19/2022
SB 0965 of 2022Energy and Technology
MacDonald, MichaelPublic utilities: public service commission; definition for unsafe electrical usage in a residence; provide for, and provide notification to fire code officials of certain shut-off or termination of service conditions. Amends sec. 9q of 1939 PA 3 (MCL 460.9q).REFERRED 3/17/2022
SB 0970 of 2022Energy and Technology
LaSata, KimberlyCommunications: technology; county broadband completion grant program; create. Creates new act.REFERRED 3/17/2022
SB 1106 of 2022Energy and Technology
VanderWall, CurtisProperty tax: payment in lieu of taxes; payment in lieu of taxes for certain renewable energy facilities; provide for. Creates new act.2022-09-07REFERRED 6/30/2022
SB 1107 of 2022Energy and Technology
Daley, KevinProperty tax: payment in lieu of taxes; payment in lieu of taxes for renewable energy facilities; provide for. Amends secs. 9 & 9f of 1893 PA 206 (MCL 211.9 & 211.9f).2022-09-07REFERRED 6/30/2022
SB 1136 of 2022Energy and Technology
Moss, JeremyTrade: business practices; excessively increased pricing for energy products and services during a market disruption; prohibit. Creates new act.REFERRED 6/30/2022
SB 1182 of 2022Energy and Technology
Bayer, RosemaryConsumer protection: privacy; internet privacy act; create. Creates new act.REFERRED 9/27/2022
SR 0042 of 2021Energy and Technology
Lauwers, DanA resolution to recognize April 2021 as Natural Gas and Electric Service Workers Appreciation Month.2021-04-20REFERRED 4/15/2021 REPORTED FAVORABLY WITHOUT AMENDMENT
SR 0053 of 2021Energy and Technology
Bizon, JohnA resolution to urge President Joe Biden to support the Keystone XL Pipeline, reverse his decision to cancel the permit, and to support American jobs and energy cooperation with our Canadian neighbors.2021-05-18REFERRED 5/18/2021 REPORTED FAVORABLY WITHOUT AMENDMENT
SR 0058 of 2021Energy and Technology
McMorrow, MalloryA resolution to urge Congress to authorize the installation of electric vehicle charging stations at rest areas on the Interstate Highway System and to allow charging station providers to charge a fee for public use of charging stations installed at such rest areas.REFERRED 6/3/2021
SR 0067 of 2021Energy and Technology
Bumstead, JonA resolution to oppose the suspension of all oil and gas leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.REFERRED 6/17/2021
HB 4077 of 2021Energy and Technology
LaFave, BeauEnergy: gas and oil; requirement for security measures preventing public access to unattended self-service fueling stations; prohibit LARA from imposing. Amends sec. 21106 of 1994 PA 451 (MCL 324.21106).REFERRED 5/10/2022
HB 4210 of 2021Energy and Technology
Griffin, BethProperty tax: utility property; eligible broadband equipment; exempt from certain taxes. Amends 1905 PA 282 (MCL 207.1 - 207.21) by adding sec. 5c. TIE BAR WITH: SB 0046'212021-03-24REFERRED 3/18/2021 REPORTED FAVORABLY WITHOUT AMENDMENT
HB 4801 of 2021Energy and Technology
Schroeder, AndreaPublic utilities: public service commission; registration procedure for electric vehicle charging stations; provide for. Creates new act. TIE BAR WITH: HB 4802'21REFERRED 10/21/2021
HB 4802 of 2021Energy and Technology
Kuppa, PadmaPublic utilities: public service commission; licensing of electric vehicle charging station operators; provide for. Amends title & secs. 10g, 10h & 10q of 1939 PA 3 (MCL 460.10g et seq.). TIE BAR WITH: HB 4801'21REFERRED 10/21/2021
HB 5026 of 2021 (PA 126 of 2021)Energy and Technology
Calley, JulieCommunications: emergency 9-1-1; emergency 9-1-1 service enabling act; modify. Amends secs. 102, 205, 303, 304, 305, 307, 308, 309, 310, 312, 320, 401a, 401c, 403, 408, 413, 713 & 717 of 1986 PA 32 (MCL 484.1102 et seq.); adds sec. 401f & repeals (See bill).2021-11-09REFERRED 11/2/2021 REPORTED FAVORABLY WITHOUT AMENDMENT
HB 6019 of 2022 (PA 218 of 2022)Energy and Technology
Filler, GrahamEnergy: nuclear; feasibility study on building nuclear energy in Michigan; provide for. Amends 1939 PA 3 (MCL 460.1 - 460.11) by adding sec. 10hh.2022-09-20REFERRED 5/24/2022 REPORTED FAVORABLY WITHOUT AMENDMENT

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