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Health Policy
Rep. Julie M. Rogers
Clerk Phone
(517) 373-5176
Room 519, House Office Building, Lansing, MI
Tuesday 03/05/2024
02:00 PM
Time Notes
or immediately following session.
HB 4748 (Rep. Mark Tisdel) Mental health: other; use of mediation as a first step in dispute resolution; allow.

HB 4749 (Rep. Mike Harris) Criminal procedure: mental capacity; community mental health oversight of competency exams for defendants charged with misdemeanors; provide for.

HB 4747 (Rep. Thomas Kuhn) Mental health: other; hospital evaluations for assisted outpatient treatment; expand.

HB 5435 (Rep. Stephanie A. Young) Insurance: health insurers; coverage for pharmacist prescribing hormonal contraceptives; require.

HB 4745 (Rep. Brian BeGole) Mental health: other; petition for access to assisted outpatient treatment; expand to additional health providers.

HB 4746 (Rep. Donni Steele) Criminal procedure: mental capacity; outpatient treatment for misdemeanor offenders with mental health issues; provide for.

HB 5436 (Rep. Kara Hope) Health occupations: pharmacists; pharmacists to prescribe and dispense certain contraceptives; allow.

HB 5013 (Rep. Julie M. Rogers) Insurance: health insurers; coverage for the dispensing of a 12-month supply of birth control; require.

HB 5077 (Rep. Curtis VanderWall) Health: pharmaceuticals; distribution of naloxone under the administration of opioid antagonist act to any individual; provide for.

HB 5078 (Rep. Carrie Rheingans) Health: pharmaceuticals; distribution of opioid antagonists by employees and agents of agencies under the administration of opioid antagonists act; provide for.

HB 5179 (Rep. Carrie Rheingans) Controlled substances: drug paraphernalia; definition of drug paraphernalia; modify.

HB 5114 (Rep. Carrie Rheingans) Mental health: code; definition of mental health professional; expand to include physician assistants, certified nurse practitioners, and clinical nurse specialists-certified, and allow them to perform certain examinations.

And any other business properly before the committee.

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