MCL - 220-1976-2

Act 220 of 1976
Article 2

Document Type Description
Section 37.1201 Section Definitions.
Section 37.1202 Section Employer; prohibited conduct; exceptions; access to genetic information.
Section 37.1203 Section Employment agency; prohibited conduct.
Section 37.1204 Section Labor organization; prohibited conduct.
Section 37.1205 Section Apprenticeship, on the job, or other training or retraining programs; discrimination prohibited.
Section 37.1206 Section Prohibited notices, advertisements, inquiries, applications, and records.
Section 37.1207 Section Repealed. 1980, Act 478, Imd. Eff. Jan. 20, 1981.
Section 37.1208 Section Plan.
Section 37.1209 Section Contract to which state a party; covenant not to discriminate against employee or applicant for employment; breach.
Section 37.1210 Section Burden of proof; cost of accommodation as undue hardship; reduction of limitations; restructuring job or altering schedule; applicability of subsections (2) to (16); violation; notices.
Section 37.1211 Section Powers of person under article.
Section 37.1212 Section Education and training programs.
Section 37.1213 Section Article not in conflict with civil rights act.
Section 37.1214 Section Accommodation not construed as preferential treatment or employee benefit.