MCL - 236-1961-63

Act 236 of 1961
Chapter 63

Document Type Description
Section 600.6301 Section Definitions.
Section 600.6303 Section Payment of plaintiff's expense or loss by collateral source; notice to contractual lien holder; failure to exercise right of subrogation; contracts to which subsection (3) applicable; “collateral source” defined; benefits from collateral source as payable or receivable.
Section 600.6304 Section Personal injury action involving fault of more than 1 party to action; instructing jury to answer special interrogatories; findings of court; determining percentages of fault; determining award of damages; release from liability; amount of damages; reducing award of damages; reallocation of uncollectible amount; liability of governmental agency; “fault” defined.
Section 600.6305 Section Verdict or judgment; specific findings; basis of calculation of future damages.
Section 600.6306 Section Entering order of judgment; order; judgment amounts; "gross present cash value" defined; reduced judgment amount.
Section 600.6306a Section Verdict in favor of plaintiff in medical malpractice action; order of judgment; amounts; percentage of fault; reduced judgment amount; joint and severable liability; "gross present cash value" defined.
Section 600.6307 Section Purchase of annuity contract.
Section 600.6309 Section Plan for structured payment of future damages; determination as to future collectibility of annuity contract or qualified assignment; owner of annuity contract; making qualified assignment; effect of qualified assignment; recipients of structured payments guaranteed by annuity contract.
Section 600.6311 Section Certain provisions inapplicable to plaintiff 60 years of age or older.
Section 600.6312 Section Joint and several liability.