MCL - Section 324.81115

Act 451 of 1994

324.81115 Licensing of ORV required; exceptions; reciprocal agreement.

Sec. 81115.

    (1) Subject to subsection (2), a person shall not operate an ORV under any of the following conditions unless the ORV is licensed with the department or a dealer as provided under this part:
    (a) Except as otherwise provided by law, on or over land, snow, ice, or other natural terrain.
    (b) Except as otherwise provided in this part, on a forest trail or in a designated area.
    (c) On a street, county road, or highway, except if the vehicle is registered under the code.
    (2) An ORV is not required to be licensed under this part under any of the following circumstances:
    (a) The ORV is used exclusively in a comprehensive program for training as required in section 81129.
    (b) The ORV is operated solely on private property by the owner of the property, a family member of the owner, or an invited guest of the owner.
    (c) The ORV is being operated on a free ORV-riding day. The department shall designate as free ORV-riding days each year a Saturday and the following Sunday that are also designated as free fishing days under section 43534. In addition, the department may designate 1 other day or 2 other consecutive days each year as free ORV-riding days. A person operating an unlicensed ORV during a free ORV-riding day has the same privileges and is subject to the same rules and regulations as a person operating an ORV licensed as required under subsection (1).
    (d) If and to the extent the department waives the requirement pursuant to a reciprocal agreement with another state.
    (3) The department is authorized to enter a reciprocal agreement described in subsection (2)(d).

History: Add. 1995, Act 58, Imd. Eff. May 24, 1995 ;-- Am. 2003, Act 111, Eff. Oct. 1, 2003 ;-- Am. 2008, Act 240, Imd. Eff. July 17, 2008 ;-- Am. 2013, Act 119, Imd. Eff. Sept. 25, 2013
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