MCL - Section 421.28b

Act 1 of 1936 (Ex. Sess.)

421.28b Definitions; MCL 421.28c to 421.28m.

Sec. 28b.

    As used in this section and sections 28c to 28m:
    (a) "Affected unit" means a department, shift, or other organizational unit of 2 or more employees that is designated by an employer to participate in a shared-work plan.
    (b) "Approved shared-work plan" means an employer's shared-work plan that meets the requirements of section 28d and that the unemployment agency approves in writing.
    (c) "Fringe benefit" means health insurance, a retirement benefit received under a pension plan or defined contribution plan, a paid vacation day, a paid holiday, sick leave, or any other similar employee benefit provided by an employer.
    (d) "Normal weekly hours of work" means the established standard work times and number of hours in the workweek for the position or, if standard work times and number of hours have not been established for the position, the work times and average number of hours per week actually worked by the employee in that position over the most recent 3 months before the employer files the application for designation as a participating employer.
    (e) "Participating employee" means an employee in the affected unit whose hours of work are reduced by the reduction percentage under the shared-work plan. Participating employee does not include a seasonal worker as defined in section 27(o)(9)(e) or a worker employed on a temporary or intermittent basis.
    (f) "Participating employer" means an employer that has a shared-work plan in effect.
    (g) "Reduction percentage" means the percentage by which each participating employee's normal weekly hours of work are reduced under a shared-work plan in accordance with section 28d(2).
    (h) "Shared-work plan" means a plan for reducing unemployment under which employees of an affected unit share a reduced workload through reduction in their normal weekly hours of work.

History: Add. 2012, Act 216, Eff. Jan. 1, 2013