MCL - Section 436.1231

Act 58 of 1998

436.1231 Liquor control commission; handling of alcoholic liquor; gross profit; leasing and purchasing power.

Sec. 231.

     The commission may buy, possess, and sell in its own name all alcoholic liquor for distribution as provided in sections 227 and 229. The commission shall supply such types of alcoholic liquor as are demanded by the public. However, if a brand so demanded is not manufactured within the United States or is not readily obtainable within the United States, then an order for that brand shall be filled by the commission at the entire expense of the person placing that order subject to any gross profit or discounts, or both, provided for in section 233. The commission may lease or occupy any building or land required for its operation, and may purchase any warehouse required for its operation, subject to the approval of the state administrative board.

History: 1998, Act 58, Imd. Eff. Apr. 14, 1998