Act 451 of 1994
Part 761
Document Type Description
Section 324.76101 Section Definitions.
Section 324.76102 Section Aboriginal records and antiquities; right to explore, survey, excavate, and regulate reserved to state; possessory right or title to abandoned property.
Section 324.76103 Section Underwater salvage and preserve committee; creation; purpose; appointment, qualifications, and terms of members; vacancy; compensation; appointment, term, and duties of chairperson; committee as advisory body; functions of committee; limitation.
Section 324.76104 Section Deed; clause reserving to state property and exploration rights in aboriginal antiquities; exceptions; waiver.
Section 324.76105 Section Permit for exploration or excavation of aboriginal remain; exception.
Section 324.76106 Section Removal of relics or records of antiquity; consent of landowner required.
Section 324.76107 Section Permit to recover, alter, or destroy abandoned property; recovered property as property of department of history, arts, and libraries; prohibitions as to human body or remains; violation; penalty; prior convictions.
Section 324.76108 Section Recovery of abandoned property without permit; report; availability of recovered property for inspection; release of property.
Section 324.76109 Section Recovery of abandoned property; permit; scope; application; filing, form, and contents; additional information or documents; approval or disapproval of application; conditions; payment of salvage costs; recovery of cargo outside Great Lakes bottomlands preserves; administrative review; conduct of hearing; combined appeals; joint decision and order; duration of permit; issuance of new permit; transfer or assignment of permit.
Section 324.76110 Section Recovered abandoned property; report; examination; removal from state; action for recovery; release of property.
Section 324.76111 Section Great Lakes bottomlands preserve; establishment; rules; determination; factors; granting permit to recover abandoned artifacts; limitation; intentional sinking of vessel; prohibited use of state money; Thunder Bay Great Lakes state bottomland preserve.
Section 324.76112 Section Rules generally.
Section 324.76113 Section Limitations not imposed by MCL 324.76107 to 324.76110.
Section 324.76114 Section Suspension or revocation of permit; grounds; hearing; civil action.
Section 324.76115 Section Dangers accepted by participants in sport of scuba diving.
Section 324.76116 Section Violation as misdemeanor; penalty.
Section 324.76117 Section Attaching, proceeding against, or confiscating equipment or apparatus; procedure; disposition of proceeds.
Section 324.76118 Section Underwater preserve fund; creation; sources of revenue; purposes for which money appropriated.