MCL - Section 560.253

Act 288 of 1967

560.253 Dedication of plats; reservation of mineral rights.

Sec. 253.

    (1) When a plat is certified, signed, acknowledged and recorded as prescribed in this act, every dedication, gift or grant to the public or any person, society or corporation marked or noted as such on the plat shall be deemed sufficient conveyance to vest the fee simple of all parcels of land so marked and noted, and shall be considered a general warranty against the donors, their heirs and assigns to the donees for their use for the purposes therein expressed and no other.
    (2) The land intended for the streets, alleys, commons, parks or other public uses as designated on the plat shall be held by the municipality in which the plat is situated in trust to and for such uses and purposes.
    (3) A reservation or an ownership interest in mineral rights or underground gas storage rights in land shall not constitute the holding of title for the purpose of signing the proprietor's certificate.

History: 1967, Act 288, Eff. Jan. 1, 1968
Popular Name: Plat Act
Popular Name: Subdivision Control