MCL - Act 233 of 1984


Act 233 of 1984

AN ACT to authorize certain organizations to enter into prudent purchaser agreements with health care providers; to control health care costs, assure appropriate utilization of health care services, and maintain quality of health care; to provide for the regulation of certain organizations, health care providers, health care facilities, and prudent purchaser arrangements; to establish a joint legislative committee to investigate the degree of competition in the health care coverage market in this state; and to provide for the powers and duties of certain state officers and agencies.

History: 1984, Act 233, Eff. Dec. 20, 1984

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 550.51 Section Short title.
Section 550.52 Section Definitions.
Section 550.53 Section Prudent purchaser agreement; number; location of health care provider; membership on provider panel; written standards; notice procedures; provider application period; providing standards on request; notice of acceptance or rejection; reasons for termination; professional review program; evaluation; 2 or more classes of health care providers providing same health care service; removal from provider panel; membership in more than 1 provider panel; provider panel including health care providers and facilities outside state; required information; emergency episode of illness or injury; limiting number of prudent purchaser agreements; benefits for services within scope of practice of optometry, chiropractic, or physical therapy.
Section 550.53a Section Disclosure of financial relationships between organization and participating health care providers, health care facilities, or other entities.
Section 550.53b Section Prudent purchaser agreement services; providing requested information to insurer.
Section 550.54 Section Discrimination prohibited; complaint of violation; hearing; penalty.
Section 550.55 Section Notice of membership in provider panels; display.
Section 550.56 Section Reporting certain information on standard forms required; availability of information to appropriate state agencies; confidentiality.
Section 550.57 Section Agreements between health care providers and purchasers of health care services.
Section 550.58 Section Organization subject to enabling act; financial records.
Section 550.59 Section Report on competition in retail pharmacy industry.
Section 550.60 Section Repealed. 2005, Act 203, Imd. Eff. Nov. 10, 2005.
Section 550.61 Section Repealed. 1988, Act 282, Imd. Eff. July 27, 1988.
Section 550.62 Section Provisions inapplicable to certain contracts and renewal thereof.
Section 550.63 Section Conditional effective date.