MCL - 110-2006-V

Act 110 of 2006
Document Type Description
Section 125.3501 Section Submission and approval of site plan; procedures and requirements.
Section 125.3502 Section Special land uses; review and approval; application; notice of request; public hearing; incorporation of decision in statement of findings and conclusions.
Section 125.3503 Section Planned unit development.
Section 125.3504 Section Special land uses; regulations and standards; compliance; conditions; record of conditions.
Section 125.3505 Section Performance guarantee.
Section 125.3506 Section Open space preservation.
Section 125.3507 Section Purchase of development rights program; adoption of ordinance; limitations; agreements with other local governments.
Section 125.3508 Section PDR program; purchase of development rights by local unit of government; conveyance; notice; requirements for certain purchases.
Section 125.3509 Section PDR program; financing sources; bonds or notes; special assessments.
Section 125.3513 Section Biofuel production facility as permitted use of property; requirements; special land use approval; application; hearing; conditions; applicability of subsections (2) to (5); authority of local unit of government; definitions.
Section 125.3514 Section Wireless communications equipment as permitted use of property; application for special land use approval; approval or denial; authorization by local unit of government; definitions; applicability to small cell wireless communications facilities.