MCL - 116-1954-XXII

Act 116 of 1954
Chapter XXII
Document Type Description
Section 168.471 Section Petitions proposing constitutional amendments; filing; signature requirements.
Section 168.472 Section Initiative petitions; filing.
Section 168.472a Section Petition; signatures to be counted.
Section 168.473 Section Referendum petitions; filing.
Section 168.473b Section Filing petition after November election.
Section 168.474 Section Repealed. 2012, Act 276, Eff. Aug. 16, 2012.
Section 168.474a Section Assignment of number designation to appear on ballot for question submitted on statewide basis.
Section 168.475 Section Filing of petition; posting of summary and status; notification of board of state canvassers; supplemental filings.
Section 168.476 Section Petitions; canvass by board of state canvassers; use of qualified voter file; hearing upon complaint; investigations; completion date; disposition of challenges; report.
Section 168.477 Section Petition and initiative petition; official declaration of sufficiency or insufficiency by board of state canvassers; publication of statement of purpose; expense; effectiveness of law that is subject of referendum.
Section 168.478 Section Petitions; notice of approval or rejection by board of state canvassers to persons filing.
Section 168.479 Section Review of determination; mandamus, certiorari or other remedy; legal challenge to supreme court.
Section 168.480 Section Proposed constitutional amendment or question; certification; copies to voting precincts; posting.
Section 168.481 Section Proposed constitutional amendment or question; form.
Section 168.482 Section Petitions; size; form; contents.
Section 168.482a Section Paid signature gatherer; affidavit; invalidity of signatures.
Section 168.482b Section Summary of purpose of the proposed amendment or question; requirements; approval by the board of state canvassers; form.
Section 168.482c Section Knowingly made a false statement regarding status as a paid or volunteer signature gatherer; misdemeanor.
Section 168.482d Section "Paid signature gatherer" defined.
Section 168.482e Section Prohibited conduct; misdemeanor; felony; penalties.
Section 168.483, 168.484 Section Repealed. 1965, Act 312, Eff. Jan. 1, 1966.
Section 168.483a Section Amendment to constitution or initiation of legislation; filing and circulation of petition; submission of petition language to public on internet; effective date.
Section 168.485 Section Questions submitted to electors; form.
Section 168.486 Section Certifying and transmitting language of constitutional amendment or legislation initiated by petition.
Section 168.487 Section Reimbursement to county, city, and township for cost of conducting special election.
Section 168.488 Section Applicability of MCL 168.544c and 168.482(1), (4), (5), and (6).