MCL - 116-1954-XXIX

Act 116 of 1954
Chapter XXIX
Document Type Description
Section 168.801 Section Canvass of votes by precinct inspectors; public access.
Section 168.802 Section Repealed. 2018, Act 120, Eff. Dec. 31, 2018.
Section 168.803 Section Counting and recounting of votes; intent of voter; stray marks; instructions issued by secretary of state.
Section 168.804 Section Repealed. 2018, Act 120, Eff. Dec. 31, 2018.
Section 168.805 Section Placement in ballots in ballot container; seal; delivery.
Section 168.806 Section Duplicate statements of returns; contents, certificate as to correctness.
Section 168.806a Section Seal; procedures.
Section 168.807 Section Election results; availability.
Section 168.808 Section Statement of returns; failure to sign certificate, falsification, penalty.
Section 168.809 Section Election returns and records; delivery; unofficial tabulation.
Section 168.810 Section Poll list; delivery to clerk.
Section 168.810a Section Security of election materials.
Section 168.811 Section Election returns, records, and applications; preservation; destruction; time.
Section 168.812 Section Sending election results to secretary of state; obtaining election results.
Section 168.813 Section Provisional ballot; tabulation; report.
Section 168.814 Section Rejection of ballot by eligible elector; prohibition.