MCL - 116-1954-XXV

Act 116 of 1954
Chapter XXV
Document Type Description
Section 168.591 Section Commencement of state convention in even numbered years; date, time, and location; issuance of calls.
Section 168.592 Section County conventions in even numbered years; purpose; time; designation of date, place, and hour of meeting; issuance of call; number of delegates; counties having 2 or more congressional districts; committee; temporary chairperson; organization; election and certification of delegates.
Section 168.593 Section State conventions in odd years; time, issuance of calls; apportionment of delegates among counties.
Section 168.594 Section County convention in odd years; time and place, issuance of call; election of delegates to state convention; congressional district conventions, committee, temporary chairman, election of delegates, certification.
Section 168.595 Section Delegates to state conventions; apportionment to wards, precincts, townships or districts; basis.
Section 168.595a Section Delegates to state convention; legislators as delegates at large, alternates, vote.
Section 168.596 Section Fall conventions and spring conventions; definition.
Section 168.597 Section State central committee; members, officers, term of service.
Section 168.598 Section State central committee; forwarding copy of call for fall state convention; apportionment of delegates; allocation of additional delegates.
Section 168.599 Section Executive committee; selection by delegates to fall county convention in county with population of less than 1,500,000; replacement of former nominee; vacancy; appointment of officers; certification of names and addresses; temporary officers; proxy; county committee; delegates at large; vacancy in district delegation.
Section 168.600 Section Congressional district conventions and caucuses; election and terms of officers and committee.
Section 168.600a Section Congressional district officers; residence requirement, exception.
Section 168.601 Section County comprising single congressional or judicial district; county committee.
Section 168.602 Section County comprising more than one congressional district; county committee.
Section 168.603 Section Repealed. 1967, Act 189, Eff. Nov. 2, 1967.
Section 168.603a Section Counties over 400,000; legislators as members of congressional district committee and delegates at large.
Section 168.604 Section Repealed. 1990, Act 7, Imd. Eff. Feb. 12, 1990.
Section 168.605 Section Delegates to fall county convention; write-in candidates.
Section 168.606 Section Delegates to fall county convention; election, notice.
Section 168.607 Section Delegates to fall county convention; election; votes required; tie vote; determination by lot.
Section 168.608 Section Certifying and recording names of delegates; notification of delegates; certification of delegates to county conventions; definition.
Section 168.609 Section Delegates to city or county convention; proxy prohibited; vacancies in delegation.
Section 168.610 Section Repealed. 1975, Act 325, Imd. Eff. Jan. 9, 1976.
Section 168.611 Section Reconvening of delegates in county convention; election of delegates to state convention; day, time, and place of county convention; definitions.
Section 168.612 Section Precinct or convention delegate; age.
Section 168.613 Section Repealed. 1983, Act 181, Imd. Eff. Oct. 25, 1983.
Section 168.613a Section Statewide presidential primary election; time; limitation on participation; conduct.
Section 168.613c Section Repealed. 2018, Act 120, Eff. Dec. 31, 2018.
Section 168.614 Section Repealed. 1983, Act 181, Imd. Eff. Oct. 25, 1983.
Section 168.614a Section List of potential presidential candidates; issuance; filing; notice.
Section 168.615 Section Repealed. 1983, Act 181, Imd. Eff. Oct. 25, 1983.
Section 168.615a Section Printing name of presidential candidate on ballot; filing affidavit; filing nominating petition; signatures; conformity; rotation of names on ballot; space to vote uncommitted.
Section 168.615c Section Selection of political party ballot by elector; separate record; disclosure; record retention.
Section 168.616 Section Repealed. 1983, Act 181, Imd. Eff. Oct. 25, 1983.
Section 168.616a Section Canvass of returns; certification of results; release of ballots, ballot boxes, voting machines, and equipment.
Section 168.617 Section Repealed. 1975, Act 325, Imd. Eff. Jan. 9, 1976.
Section 168.618 Section Allocation of delegates to national convention; qualifications of delegates; selection procedures.
Section 168.619 Section National convention delegates; basis of election; affidavit; certification; duration of commitment; vacancy; legislator prohibited from selecting delegates; participation of legislator in convention business; opportunity of registered elector or public official to be elected as delegate not restricted.
Section 168.620 Section Repealed. 1983, Act 181, Imd. Eff. Oct. 25, 1983.
Section 168.620a Section Law applicable to selection of delegates; state or national political party rule.